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Half Off Bandol Special, Washington Malbec, Hermitage, Stalwart Oregon Pinot, Dry Rose & more

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Walla Walla-based Isenhower Cellars have been making stalwart wines for almost 20 years. A few years back Brett and Denise Isenhower introduced their ‘I Label’ wines, made to provide excellent value. One such offering is their rather sensual, flavorful Malbec that shows the potential that this grape has in Washington.

Over-delivering in all facets, a full presence of succulent, aromatic plum, hints of cedar, milk chocolate and allspice scents roll beautifully from the instant the wine is poured. In the mouth, the round, layered texture is inviting, billowy, ripe and forward. The finish brightens carrying quite a bit of extension and provides an abundance of pleasure. Drink over the next 3-4 years.

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$16.99 BTL./$203.88 CASE

With over 50 vintages produced, Leone de Castris is one of the most important and historical estates when it comes to Puglia and all of Southern Italian wines. An amazing steal for the money, this hearty full-on Italian red walks the line between old school and new school.

Made with two of the classic Varietals of the Puglia region, 90% Negroamaro and 10% Malvasia Nera, mountain berries, plum, allspice, almond allspice and cedar/tobacco characteristics unfold from the glass. In the mouth, the dry and nuanced flavors coat the mouth and reveal tones that make one think of the fleshy, vibrant portion of the cherry that is right around the stone. The finish draws out and somersaults into being textbook, yet upscale Southern Italian with its tangy, earthy, spicy qualities and wild red fruits. Pair this delicious wine with slow roasted meats, perhaps something with a spicy Asian influence or just a simple, well-ripened pecorino cheese. Drink over the next 4-5 years.

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Many of us who love wine have experienced both Bandol Rouge and Bandol Rose, however what many don’t know is that there is a small amount of white wine from this famous Provencal appellation. It is also the same reason why it is not the easiest wine to sell, hence this superb special!

80% Clairette, 10% Vermentino & 10% Ugni Blanc, this white wine is an absolute thrill ride that is exciting from start to finish. No oak is utilized whatsoever here and the aromas are pure Provencal. Fragrant mango, mineral, roses, lemongrass and nectarine fly from the glass. Richly textured as expected but beautifully balanced aspects rule the day as it is teeming with mandarin, stones and an abundance of sea smoke scents. The French have a term, ‘allechant’, which essentially means mouthwatering. That is exactly what this wine is on the stupendously lengthy finish. Have this with swordfish, smoked salmon as well as a plethora of green veggies like grilled asparagus and zucchini with or without the addition of prosciutto or bacon. It will also pair well with Asian flavors that don’t go too overboard with hot spice. LIMITED - 40 BTLS AVAILABLE!

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The Duoro is home to the Port region. Famous sweet wines are made here, but dry wines have also been produced here for eons. Recently many of these wines have started to garner nice followings due to upgrades in farming and winemaking techniques. This area provides fabulous warmth and hearty soils and produce engaging, mouth-filling wines. The principal grape varieties of the Douro region include the black grapes Bastardo, Mourisco Tinto, Tinta Amarela, Tinta Barroca, Tinta Cão, Tinta Roriz (Tempranillo), Touriga Francesa and Touriga Nacional.

The Port house of Quinta de la Rosa is superb on all levels and in recent times, owner Sophia Bergqvist and winemaker Jorge Moreira have been putting forth remarkable, full-flavored reds that over-deliver for their modest prices. The 2015 Duoro Tinto is made from 60% Touriga Nacional, 12% Touriga Franca, 8% Tinta Roriz 5% Sausao as well as a 5% blend of mixed, ancient varietals. Revealing hearty aromas of pronounced chocolate-covered strawberry from the Touriga Nacional grape that co-exist handsomely with Moroccan spice, finely placed oak and sneaky minerality. Bountiful and very stylish flavors captivate the palate with an almost-Italian plum-like quality before advancing through to the arousing finish that brings it all home. Enjoy over the next 4-6 years with lamb, grilled sausage or a hearty stew.

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$17.99 BTL./$215.88 CASE

Only 130 cases of this perennial favorite Oregon Rose were produced this year so if you liked it in the past you had better get on your horse now! The name of Scott Frank’s winery is very appropriate for this magnetic Rose that is a blend of Gamay and Pinot Noir because drinking it is akin to being shot in the ass with a gluten free arrow!

Blitzing, electric and non-stop luminosity, it is a mouthful of ‘yum' with subtle spice quickly followed by explosive Texas grapefruit and strawberry-watermelon notes jumping from the glass propelling into a livewire, lip-smacking texture that shows itself to be both a regal and serious Rose that is more than just for slamming back. Great to take to the table, Bow & Arrow Rose is perfect fodder with grilled tombo tuna, arugula, and even white sausages.

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What is it you ask? What is it comparable to that we know? It’s time to stop asking these questions and just to take it for what it is, a great white wine from Greece. This wine is the Dennis Rodman of Greek wines as it is a wine that is intense, consistently fantastic and is its own independent thing! Malagousia is an indigenous Greek varietal that is grown and thrives in Macedonia in Northern Greece as well as this region at the foothills of Mt Olympus known as Tyrnavos.

No oak is used on this wine but don't be fooled, this wine has serious thrust! Jasmine and other exotic flowers alternate with nectarine and orange on the nose and lead into a dry, palate-staining texture while retaining its brisk and crisp acidity due to the cool soils and being surrounded by the sea on three sides. As mentioned, it is about as perfect a match as you’ll ever have with calamari, but it will also pair well with shrimp or scallops, too.

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Southern Rhone Valley, France. 60% Grenache, 20% Syrah and 20% Carignan. A favorite Provencal red this is almost too good to sell for 9 bucks! One smell and you are transported to this dreamland with pronounced lavender, plum, pepper and plenty of spiced-earth character. Voluptuous, flavors with excellent depth, personality and dimension make this a beyond suitable red with grilled meats or veggies.

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New name, new label, yet still Dundee Hills, the newly arrived 2015 J. Christopher’s ‘Volcanique’ Pinot Noir's equivalent would be a super-group in the world of rock~n~roll! The man really dropped the hammer down on this wine because it is a stunner.

Comprised from fruit from Baptista Maresh, La Colina, Charlie’s, Abbey Ridge and Bella Vida Vineyards, this wine truly is a power love-ballad to the Dundee Hills. Raise your lighters to the pedigree of each site because once assembled the harmony of hearty minerality, red and purple floral aromas and creamy red and blueberry fruit shines through. Silky and round in the mouth with ripe tannins and great purity of flavor. This is lovely to drink now and over the next 10 years with soft cheeses or roasted chicken that has been loaded with morel mushrooms.

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When it comes to Syrah, the name Chave translates to godlike genius! Well, actually, it really doesn’t but for those who admire the greatest of the greats, this family dynasty which goes back to 1481 has been entrenched as standard bearers and in my vision, the security guards to all that is great about the Northern Rhone and Syrah in general. The current leader of the family Domaine is Jean-Louis Chave who is 16th generation. In 1995, he started a negociants business to augment the ultra-level Domaine Chave Hermitage and St-Joseph wines. These days the red Hermitage sells for well north of $200 but if one wants a Chave experience, the Selection wines are excellent.

Farconnet is one of the newer selections and prior to 2007; remaining grapes that did not make it into the grand cuvee were sold off. This selection comes from three distinct climats on the famed Hermitage hill (Diognieres, Peleat, and Greffieux) and is named after the man from whom Jean-Louis’s great grandfather purchased the Bessards parcel. Hermitage is often referred to as the manliest wine of France, and this 2012 is built like a fleet-footed inside linebacker. Even at age 5, do not expect immediate gratification from this wine. The wine is packed, dense and laden with woodsmoke, cassis, violet, hints of gibier and loads of white pepper. Great fruit intensity, full body, but all packed in behind a wall of well-structured grip. This wine should be cellared for another 2-3 years and then enjoyed over the next 12-15 as it will continue to develop, soften and become silky, smooth and ungodly complex.


Puglia Power featuring new arrivals from Paolo Petrilli

This Friday, April 27 from 1:30 - 6:30

The Power in the title refers more to the last time we featured a Friday tasting with these wines and the lights went out. Hopefully it won’t happen again because we have some spectacular new arrivals plus a current treat or two from this rock star Northern Puglia estate. Drop this Friday to sample some flavorful Italian reds that are all amazing values.


2016 Paolo Petrilli ‘Monte del Lupo’ Rosso
2015 Paolo Petrilli Fortuita Rosso
2012 Paolo Petrilli Fortuita Rosso
2015 Paolo Petrilli Agramente Rosso