About The Cellar Door

After over two decades in the wholesale wine business, Karen Hinsdale turned her passion for wine and years of experience into a unique retail wine buying experience called The Cellar Door.

As co-owner of premium wine distributor Henny-Hinsdale, she had the opportunity to develop strong personal relationships with great wine producers from all over the world.

A small inventory, rapid sell-through and expert tasters buying the wines guarantees customers of The Cellar Door the highest quality wines in every category for the best possible prices.

A critical component of the Cellar Door experience is Bryan Shuttleworth, whose palate is arguably one of the finest in the United States and who tastes upwards of 50 wines a week to ferret out the finest opportunities for The Cellar Door's clients.

Brian began his career bussing tables at Le Pommier, Pittsburgh's foremost French restaurant where owners Christine and Jim Dauber recognized his innate talent for tasting and nurtured his intense desire to learn more about fine wine.

From busboy to sommelier, Bryan tasted, travelled, tasted some more and worked two vintages at the legenday Domaine Dujac solidifying his passion for the wines and terroir of Burgundy.

Born to a humble Bichon Frise family in the outre' Parisian suburb of Oregon City, Dujac has risen above his troubled early years through a combination of canine wiles, persistence and (it must be said) an extrordinarily handsome demeanor to become The Cellar Door's CWO (Chief Welcoming Officer).

Widely believed to be the first Bichon to attain to a C-level office, Dujac remains down to earth and approachable, showering all and sundry who cross his path with his unique blend of cuteness and begging.

Named for the famed Burgundian Domaine Dujac where his Uncle Bryan worked two vintages, Dujac was born to the wine business and will eagerly share with you his unique appreciation of terroir du terrier.