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Pre-Tariff Pommard Red Burgundy Special, Vietti Perbacco Release, Amazing Under-15 Reds & more

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$17.99 BTL./$215.88 CASE

55% Cabernet Franc, 33% Merlot, 12% Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine has New World fruit but with even more prolific Old World earth and savory herb tones, hallmarks of South Africa’s wines.

Quite handsome, possessing dense aromas of blue fruits forward mineral/ironstone, graphite and spiced earth. More and more aromatic as it unfurls in the glass, everything comes together nicely on the silky but structured texture that extends and fans out on the deceptively packed, lingering finish. This is a steal for 18 bucks and perfect for drinking with friends who love Bordeaux or American blends.

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$13.99 BTL./$167.88 CASE

Schist happens. Roussillon is Roussillon and Languedoc is Languedoc. Both are extremely different and possess interesting and varying terroirs. Frankly, they should not be lumped together as one region. Roussillon is one of the last bastions on/near the Mediterranean before one hits Spain. As just across the border, these folks will proudly proclaim to be and speak Catalan first and French/Spanish way down the list.

From a longtime Roussillon stalwart and a blend of 50% Grenache, 30% Syrah & 20% Carignan, generous, rustic aromas of tea smoke, blueberry, black licorice, lavender, pepper and subtle cinnamon notes rule the day. In the mouth, it is rich and layered with plenty of extension. Excellent mouth-filling fruit combined with minerally definition shows why this region is one of France’s most happening. Drink it with an array of dishes from braised venison to a grilled steak smeared with garlic and pepper.

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$25.99 BTL./$311.88 CASE

Along the lines of the 2016 and 2010, the 2018 Vietti Nebbiolo Perbacco performs at an all-star level. This wine could legitimately be known as Barolo or Barbaresco as it comes from designated vineyards from those famed areas, however Luca Currado selects lots that are accessible at a younger stage. Think of Cameron’s Dundee Hills Pinot Noir except this is Nebbiolo - a great value with serious vineyard material!

Drawn-out red fruits, roses, chocolate licorice and undercurrents of perfumed earth tones, there is exquisite movement, depth and persistence, especially on the detailed and luxurious finish. Drinks well early and ages impeccably, too. Enjoy it with hearty risotto dishes, roasted game or intense cheeses. To quote our great friend Luca Currado, "If you learn to like the Perbacco Nebbiolo, you are then able to appreciate and love the Vietti Barolo even more!"

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$19.99 BTL./$239.88 CASE

The main grape that is the spiritual soul in Liguria is Vermentino and Terenzuola is one of this small region’s most prolific producers. Pour some of this shimmering white into a glass and it immediately screams Italian Riviera! One can see that Terenzuola is one of Italy’s fine white wine producers with its outstanding finesse, both aromatically and in flavor but its texture and soul are entirely Italy, specifically Liguria.

Vibrant seashell, peach-pit, lime and an almost cherry scent calmly and gently waft from the glass. Creamy, fine fruit tones are enhanced by energetic and lemony briskness, which is very apparent on the mouth-watering, palate-cleansing, thrusting finish. The biggest problem with this particular white is that it goes down excessively easily. This can be accessed alone, before dinner with friends yet it will nicely stand up to cod, salmon, shrimp, green veggies or something drowned in a romesco sauce.

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$11.99 BTL./$143.88 CASE

Telmo Rodriguez is one of Spain's larger-than-life wine figures. Over the last two decades, this producer has taken his wines to various lofty heights. Rodriguez is all about balance rather than pushing ripeness and alcohol levels. This Monastrell (Mourvedre) is from the Alicante region and is nicely in-check.

As is expected, the wine is generous with its deep fruit, while showing a balance seldom seen in the region. Fresh, lively, blackberry, cherry, smoke and earth aromas jump from the glass of this dark ruby-hued medium-bodied luscious wine that possesses energy and character. Perfect for every evening consumption.

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SPECIAL - $10.99 BTL./$131.88 CASE

The local distributor of this wine is discontinuing it and there are only 6 cases left. Have at it until it is gone. The hilltop village of Montepulciano is one of the most picturesque in all of Tuscany. Although the village is heavily touristed, many of its wines are some of the renowned sleepers in Tuscany. The son of Vino Nobile, the superb producer Fattoria del Cerro's Rosso di Montepulciano is quite the flavorful Sangiovese treat that works well for every evening consumption.

This version is a neo-classically styled Rosso that is a hell of a value for eleven bucks. Tangy, dry and possessing aromatic tones of black cherry, almond, herbs and spices. Gorgeous ripe flavors that are both tempting and true to form for one of the noble sites of Tuscany. Drink with anything ranging from a slice of pepperoni pizza to a penne Bolognese or a fish stew spiked with anise and capers.

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[reg. $84.99]

When was the last time that you saw a Pommard Premier Cru from a top producer at this price? Lately, post tariff and with small quantities, many of these wines are regularly hitting close to three digits. White wine guru Laurent Pillot also happens to specialize in red wines. Through marriage, the current iteration of the estate makes four different Pommard wines, all soaring in quality. 2016 is a well-structured vintage with a dense core of fruit and one that has impressive potential for aging.

A quasi monopole, the 1er Cru Clos de Verger is a rare wine. It is an appellation with only two owners. Laurent’s vines were planted in 1962 and 1984 (think about that the next time you purchase a trendoid $65 New World Pinot from 5 year old vines!). More and more when I taste this particular offering it pushes all of my Burgundy buttons. Always a bit more precocious than the Charmots and Rugiens, this iteration of Clos de Verger is a stunner. Ravishing, complex, aromatic, sexy Pinot aromas gently crawl from the glass. Poised tones of lavender, smoked earth, herbs, red cherries deliver excellent purity. In the mouth, think of a prodigal young musician who will develop into a virtuoso. Ethereal, cerebral, and changing the questions just when you think you have all the answers, the 30 and 50+ year old Pommard vines give this wine plenty of penetration, aromatic class and bring sheer joy and persistence on the finish that pleasantly lingers for minutes. Not inaccessible with decanting but for best results, wait until 2023 and drink it through 2030.