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Located inland and at significantly more elevation gain, what separates the Le Marches regions of Matelica and Castelli di Jesi are their locations and specifically their soils, which are sheer hard limestone and quite unique to the area. Verdicchio is the spiritual white grape of the Le Marches region and we have been devotees of Matelica leader Bisci's wines for two decades.

A year plus in bottle, this white wine is a mineral mama! Loomed over by alluring aromas of flint rock, saline, pear and lemongrass, this superbly terroir-driven white starts off round and fans out on the palate only to tuck itself in and focus on the livewire middle and finish. Plenty of lemon and mineral with great freshness that cleanses the palate perfectly; enjoy this beautiful offering with fried or roasted seafood, raw oysters, grilled vegetables or start a meal off right with a glass to jumpstart your taste buds.

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Award winning indeed, Leo Felici was named Italian Wine Mag (Slow Food) Gambero Rosso’s Winemaker of the Year for the 2020 Guide and this Riserva has the vaunted Tre Bicchieri Award as well. Located up in the far hills of the Jesi area of Le Marches and not far from Matelica, this is my favorite Italian white wine that I have consumed this year by a landslide.

There is classic Verdicchio and then there is heroic Verdicchio. The Il Canto Riserva would definitely qualify as the latter. A Reserve wine in all of the true forms, this wine is from a single vineyard, 50+ year old vines and is aged only in concrete. The Felici family eschews the use of oak and this maintains impeccable detail for such a complex and special wine. An upper echelon Italian white wine that balances old-vine vinous aspects with elegance, fresh and light as a feather mineral tones followed by alluring development and extension on the finish. Packed with scents and flavors of mandarin, saline, mineral, lemon and chamomile it is most complex and one of the best of Le Marches hands-down. Drink over the next decade with rich seafood dishes like crab legs, scallops or lobster. ALSO - TWO MAGNUMS AVAILABLE - $84.99

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Eric Hamacher is one of Oregon's superstars and his wines are extremely sensible, confident and terroir-driven reflecting the heart and soul of Oregon Pinot. Hamacher's "H" Pinot Noir always represents one of the finest values in Oregon Pinot and 2016 is way above "everyday value" status!

Hamacher's 2016 "H" Pinot Noir is one of the sexiest wines we have seen from Eric. Teeming with alluring raspberry and plum aromas with overtones of lavender and cracked pepper, this is one sensuous number! The palate is forward, dazzling and layered with flavors that caress their way to the back of the mouth and finish incredibly long for an under-$25 pinot, something that virtually NEVER happens! Drink now and over the next 3-4 years.

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Having stepped away from J. Christopher to refocus on making wine on a smaller scale, Willamette Valley lead guitarist and profound winemaker Jay Somers set out on an exciting new venture. Last year we started with their Sauvignon but now we are excited to offer Jay and Ronda's first Pinot Noir under the JC Somers label.

Nouvelle Lune, or new moon, is solely from the Dundee Hills and specifically from Abbey Ridge, La Colina and Bella Vida Vineyards. Absolute essence of what Dundee Hills brings. Aromatic, finely detailed, lovely combo of violet, plum, jasmine and lavender. Silk-laden, very mouth-crawling, sultry pinot palate. Tightens as expected on the finish, which reveals lots of length and immense potential. Drink over the next 15 years.

Merry Meursault, Reserva RiojaSpecial, New Haut-Rian, Italian Values, Oregon Pinot Noir, Gift & Shipping Info + more

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Formerly known as Cuvee Prestige, the single parcel wine ‘Saint-Seurin’ is the Dietrich family’s wondrous luxury wine that not only shows very well early, also ages way too well than any 17-buck red wine ever should. From the estate’s oldest vines, the presence of 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 12 months aging in oak brings about a fine presence of depth, finesse and extensive potential.

Even at this early stage in a fantastic vintage, this wine is quite impressive. Commencing with plum and violet, aromatic Moroccan spice, mocha and cassis notes from the Cabernet quickly appear. Classic Bordeaux spirit, nice vinous texture, with almost marine-like aspects around the edges. Extends with a combination of red earth, good fruit and plenty of spice on the very long finish. Very accessible now, especially with something like a rib eye or roasted rack of lamb but will continue to develop for another 10 years. A few years back the big discovery was just how good this is with a cheeseburger and even better when served from a proper Bordeaux glass.

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93-94 points – The Wine Advocate… When it comes to Spanish wines, there is nothing better than authentic Rioja. Over the years, and for many reasons, it has become a pity that too many Rioja have been losing their Spanish accents. Many of the wines have taken on a more international tone. We prefer the wines that have been inspired by Lopez de Heredia or Muga's Prado Enea versus those who make Rioja wines that taste as though they come from Napa or Walla Walla rather than Spain.

Fortunately, there remain great bastions of authenticity and one of the grand old-school producers is Marques de Murietta. This Rioja is so old school that it will make you want to give up the photocopier and the mimeograph to produce dittoes. Mocha-spiked dried strawberries teem from the glass with Moroccan spices; leather and roasted earth are along for the ride. Captivating, majestic, mouth-filling, very smooth and gaining complexity as it unfolds in the glass. Lots of movement throughout as well as a drawn-out, silky finish with slight peppery tones make this a compelling wine for 20 bucks. Drink it over the next decade with roasted pork or lamb.

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Located in the northern Friuli hills and a mere 250 meters or so from the border of Slovenia, Branko is a small (3700 cases) family run winery, named after patriarch Branko Erzetic, whose son, Igor, runs the operation today. The current winery was set up in 1950, but the roots go back much further, as the Erzetic family has been cultivating grapes and producing wines here for many, many years.

Over time we have learned that the Sauvignon Blanc from Friuli has its own distinction and is unlike Sancerre, New Zealand, etc., these wines have personalities that adhere to the varietal and this northeastern Italian region’s special terroir. Possessing ample aromatics with everything in fine fettle and balance, this is the epitome of sensuality in Friuli Sauvignon. Gooseberry, subtle tropical fruit, prominent mineral and fine sage scents careen from the glass and flow through to a texture that is amply concentrated while maintaining vigorous freshness and mineral liveliness. Toss back this fabulicious white wine with pan-seared seafood like scallops or halibut dressed with a light sauce. Excellent character, depth and dimension as well as picking up more fragrance as it unfolds in the glass. Flavor wise this flows smoothly through the mouth all the way to the creamy/spice/mineral-laden finish that seemingly morphs into something steely and vividly clear and focused. Rich enough for salmon, crisp enough for scallops.

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La Demoiselle is a killer reserve wine from this famed Corbieres estate and 2019 is fantastic. Made with 60% Carignan from 110+ year old vines along with 30% Grenache and 10% Mourvedre, the wine completely overachieves for its pricepoint. I uncorked a bottle with some grilled, really thick, Carlton Pork Chops slathered in olive oil, garlic and fennel and the combination was a miraculous nuclear explosion!

Instantly after pouring into the glass, Mediterranean aromas of crushed red raspberry, wind-swept herbs, lavender and pepper along with gentle cocoa notes filled the air. A soulful wine indeed…a truly harmonious ensemble of savory richness and elegance that follows through to the ample dry and vibrant finish. A Corbières of impeccable quality, this can age nicely for 6-8 years. Enjoy it with sausage and bean casserole, grilled steak...or pork chops! If you can't tell, I am really excited about this wine. Now will somebody please hand me a megaphone.

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Reaching for inspiration to write about wine can be a difficult task. Sometimes our entries’ insights come from the world of sports, movies, music, and in this case, one of Oregon’s famed crops - the one other than grapes or hazelnuts. We believe in order to create a Utopian wine world, one does not need medicinal weed for healing, but instead we recommend greatness, especially when two champions collide. These sorts of wines are legal in 49 out of 50 states (I’m not so sure about Utah!), so indulge and heal yourselves with this breathtaking Pinot Noir.

Evesham Wood and the Temperance Hill Vineyard are five-star class indeed and this wine is a steal compared to many others that emerge from this famed Eola-Amity site. With its throwback label, the newly arrived 2019 is gorgeous juice that has immense potential for aging. Based around aromatics, finesse and beauty; red berry, violet, soft smoke, and elusive herbs and spices are the characteristics of this sultry, fine Pinot. In the mouth, it is very young and packed in, but what is underneath is velvety, stylish, deftly proportioned and long and ethereal. Finishes very sleek, round and extensive, offering up a great, long aftertaste. Enjoy through 2031 and probably beyond.

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Found nowhere else in Italy, the ancient Lacrima variety is exclusively grown in the hills north of Jesi, in the Le Marches region on the Adriatic coast and even with the name Alba; it has nothing to do with Piedmont. Vicari is a new find and specializes in not only this grape but also a fine Verdicchio.

A dense dark color with aromas of red berries, spice and herbs, this 100% Lacrima di Morro shares a medium-bodied palate that is dry in texture with floral and blue fruits but with a wild, soulful finish that lets you know it is not a simple quaffer and requires food. The confluence of components both aromatically and texturally allow it to pair well with chicken cacciatore or penne pasta with a hot sausage sugo.

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Oh, shudder to think, the South has risen. No, not the one with stars and bars but the one that makes scrumptious wines with extroverted Italian personality. Something from Calabria that will be sure to please any adventurous Italian red wine lover! Made from 100% of the Gaglioppo grape which is originally of Greek origins and is thought to be introduced in Italy around the same time as Aglianico.

Statti is a leading producer in this area and there are values galore that emerge from this 100-acre estate. It is human nature to make comparisons and maybe the closest analogy that we come up with is that it may be likened to a warm climate Nebbiolo. Aged entirely in stainless steel tanks, Statti's version is chock full of roasted red plum, forest-floor, red licorice and rose petal aromas which follow into a warm, dry Italian texture that screams for tomato-based dishes.

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This historic estate is an American wine treasure that was partially purchased by Francis Ford Coppola in 1975, renamed Niebaum Coppola, then became famous for a wine called Rubicon. In 1995, Coppola was finally able to get the remaining vineyard site, restored the Chateau, and most importantly in 2011, restored the famous Inglenook name.

Boisterous and generous, this surprisingly has accessibility now. Quite the masterpiece, this Cab shines with a voluptuous nose that is loaded with black cherry, cassis, pipe tobacco, blueberry, savory herbs and classic Rutherford dust. Poise, character and lots of depth along with youthful structure on the firm, smoky, chewy finish that is impressively long and vertical. Enjoy this luxurious Cab through 2033.

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