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Many changes have occurred over the last decade at Sonoma’s Marietta cellars. Founder Chris Bilbro has taken retirement and his son Scot, who has been at Marietta for 10 years, purchased the estate and is now fully in charge with an excellent vision all based on the substratum that his father started back in 1979.

Zinfandel is back at Marietta and in full force. Named after Marietta cellar master Roman Cisneros who has been at Marietta for 30 years, this blend of 84% Zinfandel, 11% Petite Sirah and 5% Barbera comes from estate vineyards in Alexander Valley, McDowell Valley and the Yorkville Highlands. A combination of black raspberry, strawberry/balsamico, sage and white pepper. Definitely not about being oaky…no now oak is utilized! Cinnamon-earth tones, plenty of penetration but ultimately this is about the engaging succulent fruit! Flavors come in waves and turn red and vibrant on the persistent, drawn-out finish that shows some mocha and is rich without being burdensome or thick. Beautiful to drink now and will age nicely for 8-10 years.

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A real standard-bearer for not only Zin, but for American wines in general, Ridge has made the Geyserville as a single-site Zinfandel since 1966. One of the great things about this iconic American producer is their ability to go into their library and offer wines that have age on them. For those of you who don’t believe that Zin ages, think again, I have had these wines at 30 years old and they are ungodly! 2007 in Sonoma was a vintage of excellence and now at age ten, this wonderful red is starting to strut its stuff. Typical of this offering, think of LeBron James who still is the baddest ass in the NBA, this complex, powerful, debonair yet sultry wine is the baddest ass of the Zinfandel realm! When Zin gets old, it takes on shapes of other great growing areas. One can pick up aspects from the Rhone, Montalcino, Bordeaux, etc. yet the wine is still decidedly Ridge and California.

Roasted coffee, black licorice, herbes-de-provence, snappy mineral and wicked blueberry and rhubarb fruit. The mouth-feel is warm, full-bodied and chock full of smoke tones. Plenty of spine here to carry it even further in the cellar as well. Expands even more on the finish where it reveals old vine carignan and petite sirah notes with white pepper. We can write a novel about this wine, but we will simply state that it is one of the profound offerings to come from Ridge. Drink this wine with a roasted leg of lamb encrusted in herbs, or wait until the fall and have it with venison.

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Apparently, it is going to hit 80 degrees for a couple of days this week so we can put away the parkas, put down the Syrah and finally drink some Rose. From the Cabardes region just outside of Carcassone, Chateau Jouclary hits it out of the park with their wines that represent excellent bang for the buck.

Cabardes has a motto: vent est – vent oeust, meaning that winds come from the Mediterranean and the Atlantic and where grapes that originate in both areas are planted within this Languedoc region. Cabernet Franc, Grenache and Syrah play nicely together and form an ensemble of aromas and flavors of dashing raspberry, red licorice, cassis, lavender and pepper scents that are all wonderfully positioned with fine depth and extension. Serve with a range of cuisine from burgers to pho to ratatouille.

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2011 SELLA & MOSCA 'TANCA FARRA' ALGHERO ROSSO $23.99 BTL./$143.94 - SIX PACK In a roundabout way, Sella & Mosca are somewhat responsible for saving the world’s wine industry. Originally founded in 1899, two savvy Piemontese businessmen used their sandy soils as a virtual nursery to plant new phyloxerra resistant rootstock for grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon which inevitably made their way to Bordeaux and other regions. After phyloxerra became a non-entity, Sella & Mosca went into business to make wine for themselves utilizing Cabernet and other French varietals which have long been in existence here well before Tuscany and other regions which have capitalized on the Cab phenomenon.

Tanca Farra is an excellent offering from Sardinia’s Alghero DOC that is a blend of 50% Cannonau and 50% Cabernet Sauvignon. Assertive and individual, very authentic aromas of black cherry, orange-pekoe, sea breeze, cracked pepper, wind-swept herbs are buffered by rosemary and licorice. Loads of depth, density, broadness, earth and dark spices fill the mouth and follow through to a spectacular, masculine finish that is well sculpted and drawn-out. One of the best Italian wines that I have tasted in 2017. No problem for this to live another 10 years, too. Enjoy this wine with lamb dishes.

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Even with a renowned producer such as Meerlust, when I initially saw the sales representative pull out the bottle, my eyes rolled and sarcastically thought, ‘oh boy, another Cab-Merlot blend in an already flooded category’. That all changed after I tasted it because it doesn’t taste like the majority of mass produced versions in the world at this price point.

57% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Cabernet Franc and 11% Petit Verdot, this wine has New World fruit but with even more prolific Old World earth and savory herb tones. Quite handsome, possessing dense aromas of blue fruits, forward mineral/ironstone, graphite and spiced earth. More and more aromatic as it unfurls in the glass, everything comes together nicely on the silky but structured texture that extends and fans out on the deceptively packed, lingering finish. This is a steal for 18 bucks and perfect for drinking with friends who love Bordeaux or American blends.

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Chiroubles is one of the 10 Crus of the Beaujolais region yet because it doesn’t sit along the main route de vin, this high-elevated area is one of the area’s most obscure. There is a stereotype of this particular cru in that it is light on its feet and maybe not as serious as others are. Well, you haven’t tasted Daniel Bouland’s version because it is exquisite, multi-faceted and teeming with depth.

Significantly more layered than the Beaujolais Villages, one immediately recognizes the step-up from Beaujolais Villages to Cru Beaujolais. Creamy raspberry with underlying spicy tones of coriander and pepper shimmer from the glass and carry over to a texture that is agile, snappy and penetrating with a total eruption of persistent flavors and depth that cascade into a long finish. A wonderful wine from a wonderful Beaujolais vintage and one that will embarrass many 25-dollar Pinot Noirs from around the world. Drink it over the next 6-8 years with fresh morels or chanterelles over pasta or stuffed into a roasted chicken.

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2015 BISCI VERDICCHIO DI MATELICA $13.99 BTL./$167.88 CASE Located inland and at significantly more elevation gain, what separates the Le Marches regions of Matelica and Castelli di Jesi are their locations and specifically their soils, which are sheer hard limestone and quite unique to the area. Verdicchio is the spiritual white grape of the Le Marches region and we have been devotees of Matelica leader Bisci's wines for 15+ years.

A year plus in bottle, this white wine is a mineral mama! Loomed over by alluring aromas of flint rock, saline, pear and lemongrass, this superbly terroir-driven white starts off round and fans out on the palate only to tuck itself in and focus on the livewire middle and finish. Plenty of lemon and mineral with great freshness that cleanses the palate perfectly; enjoy this beautiful offering with fried or roasted seafood, raw oysters, grilled vegetables or start a meal off right with a glass to jumpstart your taste buds.

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At 9 bucks there is no reason to deliberate and contemplate very much when it comes to this wine - don’t think, just drink! From the warm climate La Mancha area, this Tempranillo is made in an early-drinking style that shows off brassy scents of raspberry, balsam, and spiced earth aromas that flow into a texture that is vibrant, supple and full of character. Plenty of persistence and nice snap-back, this is a delicious everyday red that works along, with a burger or a bunch of friends.

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2013 BASTIDE BLANCHE BANDOL ROUGE [reg. $32.99] $21.99 BTL. - LIMITED Last call for this specially priced Bandol Rouge! Many of you are oh so familiar with the Rose offerings from Bastide Blanche, one of Bandol’s stalwart, apex producers. As is the case with the pink wine, the Bronzo brothers are also at the top of the food chain when it comes to red Bandol producing wines that are utterly magnificent.

72% Mourvedre, 20% Grenache, 6% Cinsault 1% Syrah and 1% Carignan, this is prototype Bandol and an exciting version to put into the cellar or if you use a decanter, one to try early. Vintage 2013 combines an aromatic nose of fresh leather and pipe tobacco with a user-friendly palate of assorted ripe plums, spice and peppercorns. The wine possesses a very long finish even though its tannins are up front yet are fairly well rounded. Nevertheless, it is boisterous wine that requires another year or two of aging. If you really want to experience one early, buy two bottles and serve the first with robust red meat entrees as grilled lamb, sausages or beef kabobs then drink the other bottle in about 5 years.


This Friday May 5 from 1:30 - 6:30

White Burgundy + One Red Wine

We do have an affinity for White Burgundy here at The Cellar Door and we love so many of the great regions in this area from Macon all the way up to Chablis and in between. Truth is, there are numerous values within the entire Burgundy region and we will sample four coming from four different areas of the appellation. We'll also have a Languedoc Red for those who need to have their Friday red wine fix.


2014 Pernot-Belicard Beaune Premier Cru Blanc ‘Les Perthuisots’
2014 Jaeger-Defaix Rully Premier Cru ‘Mont-Palais’
2015 Thevenet Saint-Veran ‘Clos de L’Ermitage’
2015 L’Heretiers du Comte Lafon Macon-Prisse