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We are thrilled to offer this much-underrated Sancerre producer’s wine at a special price! Superb terroir combined with old vines is the secret to this magnificent white wine. The Domaine is based in the tiny hamlet of Maimbray, just outside of the village of Sancerre and in close proximity to Chavignol. This is kimmeridgian soil central within Sancerre, a mix of gray clay laden with white chalk known locally as terre blanche. Les Coutes is one of the family's single vineyards that is very steep and possessing 50+ year old vines.

Intensity to go along with the briskness that one expects from Sancerre, uncompromising, sultry aromas of flintstone and pronounced, pleasing mandarin along with gooseberry and lemon rapidly grab your attention. Beautiful dimension and vinous qualities from these old vines combine with lots of cool, snappy crisp tones to form the expansive texture all the way to the drawn out, long finish that shows nervosite that is oh so typical of this renowned growing region. Drink this livewire with halibut, grilled salmon or a really fine goat cheese.

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While not as known or as popular as other DOCG regions like Brunello di Montalcino or Chianti Classico, the region of Carmignano, located northwest of the city of Florence, is unofficially the first "Super-Tuscan Region" since Bordeaux varietals have always been permitted for blending with the native Sangiovese. Only of the early proponents of this Tuscan region as well as remaining one of the leading producers since 1955, well before the DOCG was granted in 1984.

For many years, we have touted this Tuscan value and 2013 is no different. Made with 75% Sangiovese, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Canaiolo and 5% other approved red grapes, this wine in this vintage is going to charm the socks off of any Italian wine fan. Savory scents of cherry licorice, violet, hints of thyme, sage and mineral. Refined and very polished in the mouth with a subtle freshness that belies its origin. The tannins are smooth, the fruit is juicy and the finish is compact, complex with intermixed bittersweet dark chocolate and fine, elegant persistence. This wine is made for pasta pomodoro with braised meat or aged cheese and should be consumed over the next 4-5 years.

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Like Malbec, Bonarda's presence Argentina cannot be understated. Mentioned in the 19th century it seemingly has always been cultivated and is still Argentina's second most planted varietal. In 2008 it was discovered that the Bonarda in Argentina is actually not Bonarda Novarese, which is from Piedmont but actually Douce Noir, a grape also known as Charbono, and whose roots actually are from France's Savoie region. Still as it has evolved, it is now something very distinctively Argentine and still delicious!

Tilia is a value-oriented producer and their version reveals savory, frontal red aromas and flavors that present themselves straight away and entice you to want to drink it at just about any moment. Juicy and supple, it smoothly accompanies anything from pizza to empanadas to grilled meat or veggies.

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SPECIAL - $22.99 BTL./$275.88 CASE

Alongside luminaries such as Pradeaux, Gros Nore or Pibarnon, the Bronzo Brothers at Bastide Blanche make some of the most compelling wines in the entire Bandol appellation and we happen to have a special on them! We have stated that 2015 is a top vintage in the South of France, however, Bandol seems to have taken it a bit further and this one proves that the Bronzos don’t play around when it comes to delivering superb, soulful wine.

78% Mourvedre, 16% Grenache, 4% Syrah, 2% Cinsault, think of a Mediterranean Barolo when it comes to this offering. A haunting and aromatic nose of smoked meat, rose petal and sea salt combine with a user-friendly palate of assorted ripe plums, spice and peppercorns. The wine possesses a very long finish even though its tannins are supple and fairly well rounded. Nevertheless, this fairly boisterous and rotund wine requires, or better put, will truly shine with such hearty red meat entrees as grilled lamb, sausages or beef kabobs. Drink over the next 10-12 years.

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SPECIAL - $22.99 BTL./$275.88 CASE

A show of hands, who has ever drank Bandol Blanc? Probably not very many since white wine makes up a mere 5% of the appellation’s production so not much ever makes it to our shores. Bastide Blanche makes a very cool and brisk version because of the dominant portions of the Clairette and Ugni Blanc grapes, which bring forth briskness. As usual, the family is all about their terroir and like the red; the marine influence of this picturesque region plays a formidable role.

Aged only in stainless steel and concrete, this wine is one pure Provencal. Mango, mineral, lemongrass and nectarine fly from the glass. Plenty of depth from the sunshine of the region. The French have a term, ‘allechant’ that essentially means mouthwatering and is exactly what this wine is on the stupendously lengthy finish. Another winner from Bastide Blanche and one that pairs well with swordfish, smoked salmon as well as a plethora of green veggies like grilled asparagus and zucchini with or without the addition of prosciutto or bacon. It will also pair well with Asian flavors that don’t go overboard with hot spice.

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Calabria's Ciro region is situated not far from the picturesque Ionian coastline on Italy's boot tip. Librandi is one of the area's leading producers and the estate's core wine, Ciro Rosso, is made from 100% Gaglioppo, the most important grape of Calabria. Gaglioppo is originally of Greek origins and is thought to be introduced in Italy around the same time as Aglianico.

Another winner which we are happy to support, the 2015 version is hearty with a roasted red plum, sottobosco, red licorice and rose petal aromas that follow into a warm, dry Italian texture that screams for tomato-based dishes jacked with some spice.

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A single vineyard steal from one of Oregon's spot-on 5-star producers! Illahe is a superb vineyard site located in the foothills of the Coast Range and is in good company. Croft & Freedom Hill are located here, but Illahe seems to deliver a bit more refinement and grace than these other illustrious sites.

On the dark, aromatic side, the 2014 Evesham Wood Illahe Pinot Noir reveals beautifully aromatic aromas of crushed black raspberry, violet and cinnamon that shine brightly from the glass. In the mouth, the wine is stylish and refined with an abundance of penetrating fruit along with sneaky structure. The finish is suave and understated with a hint of allspice and cocoa from oak. This gorgeous Pinot will pair wonderfully with chops (veal, lamb or pork) and will drink and develop wonderfully through 2024.

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Many of you have enjoyed Abeja's Cabernet Sauvignon in the past, and deservedly so, because upon commencing operation in 2002, Abeja quickly announced themselves as one of the greats of the new generation of Washington wines and they continue to this day.

Lavish, smoky and chock full of violet, cedar, coriander and plenty of black cherry and cassis tones that keep coming on as the wine sits in the glass. In the mouth, it is typical Abeja with its luxurious fruit, excellent structure and velvety tannins. The finish fans out like a peacock's tail and goes on for minutes. This is a mighty impressive performance from the Abeja team and the price is still fantastic. While you would not be committing a crime if you were to uncork a bottle, give it until 2019 and drink it through 2027+ for optimum pleasure.


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