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Bertani's role of importance in the Veneto region cannot be understated in the least. Located near Verona in northeastern Italy, Bertani is one of the region's most renowned and influential wineries producing a full spectrum of classic wines from the Veneto (Valpolicella, Amarone, Soave & more) which have enjoyed a reputation for quality right from the start. Founded in 1857 by two brothers who believed that quality winemaking held the key to the future, the Bertanis invested their money in some of the finest vineyards in the province and began making their own wines and the estate has continued their excellence to this day

Drop by today, Friday October 19 from 3:30 – 6:30 to experience the first uncorking in Portland of Bertani's Original Vintage Secco Bertani plus three other offerings. Read on, if you love great reds you owe it to yourself to taste these!


The Original Vintage Secco and its recipe are from a time well before Amarone and Ripasso came to existence. Bertani Cristian Ridolfi came across an 1888 document in the Verona library written by the Commission of Agriculture and Industry which described in detail the Secco-Bertani winemaking process as it was back in 1888. Cristian was inspired and embarked on a journey to re-create this wine as it was when it was first made using the original clones, winemaking methods and equipment that were used back then – a truly unique project. The future back from the past. The philosophy of this wine is to bring back from the past the best of the winemaking of the original Secco, A project limited to a small quantity of bottles with the vintage replica of the packaging, its label and wooden case were retrieved from the ‘30's and 40's and feature the famous image "Berty" which represented Bertani for years.

Unlike the modern version of Secco Bertani, this wine was made without the use of the ripasso technique. 80% Original Corvina clones, 10% Sangiovese grosso, 5% Syrah, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon following the blend of the original document this terrific Italian red is mind blowing. Classic Veneto amare scents along with cherry pit, tea leaf and touches of anise follow through to a concentrated but very well-balanced texture that's hearty, savory and engagingly elusive due to the classic use of cherry and chestnut wood casks in lieu of oak. Long and drawn out, this wine is quite the match with polenta that's been coasted with a hearty lamb or pork sugo with porcini mushrooms.
Bertani Original Vintage Edition!

$16.99 BTL./$203.88 CASE

The modern version of Secco Bertani is always quite delicious. The make-up of this particular offering is 80% Corvina and 20% Rondinella. Aromas of forest, violet and wild red berries that speak of the Veneto perfectly intermingle with the core of sultry fruit and exotic spice that comes from the ripasso method. Completely dry with great balance and finesse from the high toned fruit that brings a level of liveliness to the mix making this a extremely food friendly and versatile bottle of red wine. Enjoy with braised and hearty meat dishes, burgers, nutty cheeses & anything with stewed or roasted veggies.

$19.99 BTL./$239.88 CASE

Not only does Bertani excel with red wines, they also produce a few formidable white wines including this outstanding single vineyard Soave. Made from 100% Garganega, this mighty dry white wine offers up dense, pure aromas that at once attack and seduce the olfactory senses and truly is a nod to the meticulous farming and top terroir of this vineyard. Packed to the brim with orange blossom, mineral-smoke, anisette, talc, almonds and white flowers with stunning nervosity that picks up the fleshy fruit and sends it spinning around the palate. The use of large neutral oak vats brings great texture in the mouth without any of the oak flavor all spiraling to a long and very satisfying finish. A beautiful match with risotto con shellfish, cracked crab, or white meats prepared very simply.