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Last summer Anne-Charlotte (Acha, as she goes by her nickname) Melia-Bachas paid a visit to Portland and we were introduced to her very tasty Chateauneuf and Cotes-du-Rhone wines. Previously this sleeper of a fine producer was not brought into Portland but the wines have now arrived and we are extremely excited to have them. Located in La Crau (same as Vieux Telegraphe) and Font du Loup lieux dits, the dominant sandy soils delivery very poised, sultry, sensuous Chateauneufs.

80% Grenache, 20% Syrah, Les Demoiselles is one of six cuvees produced and is one that has early accessibility. A nose full of reglise and rock. Ample Grenache peppery tones along with grenadine and raspberry. Lacy, vibrant and possessing fresh and energetic flavors that have prominent penetration and creaminess. Very harmonious, layered yet retains charm and purity with a superb, long, snap-back licorice whip finish. Utterly delicious right now but this wine ages impeccably. Drink it over the next decade and probably beyond. Damn sexy Chateauneuf indeed.

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One will never find McKinlay wines listed in The Wine Spectator, The Wine Advocate or any other wine media publication. The reclusive Matt Kinne along with son Jake refuses to submit samples. Those in the know and who like the stylings of Cameron, Evesham Wood, Thomas or Eyrie, real Burgundian-influenced Oregon Pinot, know the prowess of McKinlay.

McKinlay wines are Pinots for Pinot lovers, very sexy, elegant and aromatic. This wine follows the velvet rule of pinot noir perfectly. Red berry, violet, soft smoke, and elusive herbs and spices are the characteristics of the wine. Given that Matt has placed a bunch of declassified fruit from his top-end Special Selection and Ladd Hill cuvees into this wine it makes sense that there is ample dimension. In the mouth, it shows some deceptive backbone, but shining through it all is a texture that is velvety, concentrated and long-legged without being jammy. As always, this wine is beautiful to drink from day one but it also has a tendency to age better than one might believe given its price point! Drink this best buy Oregon pinot now through 2028.

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Located across the bay from Positano and south of Naples in the Campania region, wine has been made here for over two millennia. There is no shortage of history and great producers but over the last two decades, a new generation has emerged dedicated to farming their land and utilizing their native grapes.

Aged in three to five year old barrels the black fruit is complimented by classic Aglianico substance, truffle, spice and leather which show a rustic characteristic that is wild, primal and intense. Definitely not a porch sipper, this is one to enjoy with food including those offerings of pork, charcuterie, ribs, BBQ and tomato sauce-based pastas, especially a spice-driven arrabiata sauce.

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This producer's name may or may not be inspired by Spinal Tap's legendary, seminal album 'Smell the Glove'. Either way it has been a staple around here for two decades and remains a whole heap of tasty Zin for under twenty bucks.

Made by renowned Chardonnay producers Jim and Bob Varner, the brothers' Foxglove label has become synonymous with top-value California wines. Yet again, these guys absolutely over-deliver with their always-terrific Paso Robles Zin. Enhanced by an ever so tiny kiss of Petite Sirah (2%), this Zin explodes from the glass with juicy dark raspberry, blueberry, briar and spice without being ponderous or overtly alcoholic. Warm and full bodied on the palate with dark berries and rich spice dominating the long flavorful finish.

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The vineyard of Les Pargues was once Premier Cru but local politics after World War II kept it from restoration to its former status. If you were to obtain a map of Chablis, you would see that Les Pargues is the third in a series of south-facing hillsides and runs parallel to the Premiers Crus of Vaillons and Montmains and is a terrific over achiever indeed.

Very fine Chablis that is aged solely in steel tanks and made by one of this region’s hidden gem producers. Lime, granny smith apple, subtle white flowers with emerging flint and briny character shimmering from the glass. In the mouth, it is racy, classic, and very nervy and showing a calmness followed by plenty of voltage on the pert, long finish. Drink over the next 4-5 years. This is a steal for the price and almost performs on a Premier Cru level.

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Perfect for seafood, this new Albarino arrival is enticing for many parties as well as for just about any Dungeness crab feed. Made from fruit from the southernmost portion of the famed Val do Salnes, this toothsome, unoaked white wine brings forth a lot of bang for your white wine dollar.

Non-aggressive aromas that show intriguing lemongrass and mineral notes waft from the glass and then lead into a fresh, lifting, bone-dry texture that hints at connotations of pink grapefruit, especially on the finish. Have this tantalizing offering with crab, shrimp, calamari, cod or any sort of ceviche.

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Sleight of Hand is a superb Walla Walla-based producer who happens to excels in the art of blending. Spellbinder is typical of Trey Busch's style, powerful yet with velvety edges and ample exuberance.

39% Cabernet Sauvignon, 32% Cabernet Franc, 12% Merlot, 9% Petit Verdot, 8% Syrah and sort of the second wine to The Conjurer, aromas of red cherry and black cherry mesh well with scents of mocha and nutmeg; the texture here is mouth coating and forward with minimal presence of tannin. Classic Washington dusty aspects come through as well as hints of dried herbs. The finish is packed with vibrant fruit and spice and is oh so typical of well-made Washington red blend. Drink this now through 2027.

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97 Points - The Wine Advocate...Tucked away in the hills between Monforte d'Alba and Castiglione Faletto is the Cantina and vineyards of Elio Grasso. We have been ardent supporters of these wines for a while now, and it is extremely clear that Gianluca Grasso is without a doubt one of the superstars of Barolo. These are not inexpensive but given the pedigree and record of accomplishment of Grasso, they are fairly priced in comparison to many others that are Grand Cru equivalents.

Vigna Chiniera, located within Monforte D'Alba is a south facing vineyard that sits at 320-360 meters and is a completely different animal than the Casa Mate listed below. 'With vines adjacent to forests on white chalky soils, the Elio Grasso 2019 Barolo Gavarini Chiniera is a luminous and very beautiful wine. Vintner Gianluca Grasso called this "the helicopter vintage" because he actually rented a helicopter to fly over the vines for 45 minutes to dry them from rain right before harvest. As he tells it, this was a costly but good decision because 15 minutes after he finished harvesting on October 26, heavy rain came and lasted an entire week. Thanks to these dramatic measures, the grape skins were excellent, and maceration with submerged cap lasted 55 days. That's how perfect the skins were. This balanced wine shows extreme precision and elegance. - 97 Points, The Wine Advocate'

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97+ Points - The Wine Advocate...Casa Matè is part of the Ginestra hill within Monforte D'Alba and south facing at about 300 meters. The location is made immensely different from Grasso’s partner site, Chiniera due to the soils that influences both the wines profoundly. Unlike Chiniera, Casa Matè's soil does not have sand, but loosely packed clay that supports the firm limestone base. This brings more roundness, power and structure to the wine along with the telltale richness from this sector of Barolo.

Very different from the Gavarini Chiniera, the 2019 Barolo Ginestra Casa Maté shows more bite, structure and a bigger tannic impact. Fruit was harvested a bit earlier, but healthy grape skins allowed for 52 days of maceration. This wine shows beautiful intensity and fullness with dark fruit, earth, hazelnut and dark plum. Surrounded by forests, the greenery gives balance to this wine by moderating temperatures. In fact, this site saw up to 10 degrees Celsius drops in diurnal temperatures, leading to thick skins and ideal phenolic ripeness - 97+ Points, The Wine Advocate.

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Southwest France is home to numerous appellations that feature quality wines made from a myriad of grape varietals. Hailing from the Fronton appellation just outside of Toulouse this gutsy red is made from 70% of the local Negrette grape and backed up by 30% Cabernet Franc.

Fragrant scents of violet, berry, smoked herbs and pepper lead into a smooth yet striking texture that fills the mouth and calls you back for another six glasses. This stuff is medium-weight, easy to drink and perfect with various charcuterie selections (terrines, pates, and sausages).