Two under-12 values
Raging Riesling and a Cinque Terre Wine

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This dry, southwestern French white wine is a WOW wine because once you pour it for your guests they will say, "Wow" when they like it. Once they toss back several bottles, tell them the price and they will say "Wow" again :-)

Whether you are serving grilled prawns, roasted chicken, spicy food or a bag of Cheetos, this obscenely delicious white wine will satisfy everyone! Clean, dry and very explosive, this Reserve Selection is from one of the best producers in the Southwest of France. Passionfruit and lemon dominate the nose, while intriguing melon and pink grapefruit notes seemingly detonate in the mouth and liven up the whole food and wine experience. If Gros Manseng as a grape isn't familiar to you, we'll put it in simpler terms - Lovers of bursting, aromatic and palate-thrilling dry white wines will go gaga over this incredibly delicious wine.

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$11.99 BTL./$143.88 CASE

A perennial Cellar Door favorite white wine returns! The traits that we love so much are like the traits that we love when it comes to listening to The Clash or The Who, everything done in a feral, voluminous, pure form, but total brilliance.

Called Alvarinho in Portugal, you can bet if this wine were made across the River in the Rias Baixas region of Spain, with the same grape called Albarino, this wine would sell north of $20! So much character in a white wine for so little money. Finely tuned, very direct and jacked with precise, aromatic lemongrass, nectarine and prominent smoke. Vivacious, complex, unoaked, saline-filled and linear, this stuff is crucial for just about any seafood preparation.

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Dating back to the mid-1800s, the Selbach-Oster estate has amassed land in several apex, virtual Grand Cru sites and has become quite a go-to producer in the Mosel. Located in Zeltingen and producing about 13,000 cases spread out over 20+ different cuvees, there is virtually something for everyone. Along with sites in more famous villages, many of their wines come their home village, which should be more known than it is now. There are some serious sites here and this fabulous dry wine comes from two very steep sites: 90% from Zeltinger Himmelreich (heaven) vineyard and 10% Zeltinger Schlossberg both planted in blue slate.

Mighty mineral from the moment it hits the glass, this very spirited offering reveals aromas of flint, lime, lively nectarine and insatiable minerality. Precisely textured and fully dry, yet completely electric. Hell, it could light up all of Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich with its vibrancy. Superb, linear, saline/tangerine finish that goes on for minutes after the wine is swallowed. It is very approachable now, but also has a long future ahead of it. Drink it with fresh halibut, crab or mussels but will age impeccably through 2029+, but why wait - crack some bottles now.

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Once you get past the hordes of tourists, there are some very fine white wines made in the area in the miniscule Cinque Terre DOC, which was established in 1973. Terenzuola’s terraced vineyards are one and a half hectare, split into five plots of land of which produces a mere 4000 bottles (that’s about 330 cases to yinz all). Made from Vermentino, along with two native grapes, Bosco and Albarola, this white wine is sizzling indeed.

Dramatic and forward tones of mandarin and white flowers enhanced by forthright minerality, all unfurling as the wine develops in the glass. This seamless beauty coats your mouth with intense flavors kept in perfect balance by lightning-crisp acidity and minerality, derived from soil and locale, allowing it to take in the salty sea air. A gorgeously stacked white wine, this really screams for substantial seafood dishes, particularly salmon, however it will also work with vegetables and prosciutto. Drink over the next 8-10 years.

96-point Oregon Pinot Noir & Owen Roe, New Vietti Barbera Release, Cool Whites, Value Red & more

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A perennial favorite, Vietti’s Barbera D’Alba Tre Vigne is on form yet again and is a very delicious Italian tipple. Made from fruit from three primary Barolo villages, 2019 is a classically formed Piemontese vintage meaning the wines are sculpted around structure, aromatics, vividness and red fruit aspects.

Very sculpted, there is refinement and poise throughout. Fragrant and revealing lots of upfront cherry with lovely blackberry and mineral undercurrents. Rosemary, spice and decidedly billowy with ample depth and spine as well as a deep finish that really soars. Risotto spiked with porcini, chanterelles and any other mushroom paired with this perennial champion will be just divine. Drink through 2027+.

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Way back in the day, and before it was sold to Hollywood celebrities and became complete merde, Chateau Miraval was one of our favorite estates, especially for the white wine. After Tom Bove sold, he went and acquired a couple of new properties which he feels possess even greater terroir. Like the old Miraval Blanc, the Chateau Bellini Blanc is also made from 100% Rolle (Vermentino for you Italo-philes) and is a prototype for this varietal and region.

Situated about 40 miles east of Aix-en-Provence, this white entices with compelling, expressive notes of lemon blossom, saline, freesia and minerality on the nose. A luscious entry gives way to a vinous texture that possesses perky crispness and balance and is a total vehicle for fish jacked with Pernod and herbes de provence, bouillabaisse, green vegetables or a spicy, Latino-inspired seafood preparation.

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Continuing our infatuation with the Grenache from the Sierra del Gredos region just outside Spain is a project from two of the leaders in the area, Dani Landi and Fernando Garcia. These old Garnacha vines are grown at 500-1000 meters and the elevation is what drives the vine, the wine and what makes them so different from the versions from the Rhone, Catalonia, Languedoc et. al.

The granitic sand soils from this area have been utilized for centuries to make glass windows for many of Spain’s palaces and these vines are grown in that same soil. Wonderfully put together aromas of blackcurrant, strawberry, laurel and licorice shine on the nose and lead into a texture that is both handsome and tenacious all at once. Transparent, penetrating and complex with a finish that has superb snap-back and a stopwatch-busting, long finish, this prodigal value can be consumed over the next 6-8 years, particularly with Spain’s national vegetable - pork.

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96 points – Vinous… Jim Maresh is a third generation Oregon producer who comes from great bloodlines; in fact, one could say Oregon wine royalty. What he is doing with not only his family’s vineyard (Maresh) as well as some neighboring sites is nothing short of breathtaking. 2017 is simply magnificent for this wine and the depth and material reveal themselves early but the fact of the matter is that this wine is built to soar and built to age.

‘Glistening scarlet. A highly complex bouquet evokes red berry and cherry preserves, along with building Asian spice, rose oil and smoky mineral flourishes. Shows fine delineation and seamless texture, offering concentrated, spice-tinged Chambord, cherry, cola and spicecake flavors that pick up a strong rose pastille nuance with air. Finishes extremely long and pure, with fine-grained tannins providing framework and gentle grip to lingering red fruit, five-spice powder and savory herb notes. 70% of this fruit comes from the estate Maresh vineyard and the other 30% is from the neighboring Weber vineyard; the vast majority of the vines were planted in the late 1970s– 96 POINTS, VINOUS’. Hold this until 2024 and enjoy it over the following 10-12 years.

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It is no secret that the ‘can of fishes’ is one of our favorite best buy white wines. Hailing from the Penedes region of Spain, located just south of Barcelona, this wine exudes character and class. The blend is from Paralleda, which gives mineral, and detail, Macabeo, which brings flowers and citrus, Chardonnay mixed in for richness and Malvasia for aromatic perfume.

What amazes us most is how it morphs into something different in the spring and summer, but is equally pleasing in the winter. In the summer, it blazes with floral and peachy tones and an undercurrent of mineral. In the winter, it shows its wilder side due to the vines close proximity to the sea. Scintillating scents of seashore (say that 5-times-fast!) combined with more prominent mineral, lemongrass and piquant lime and ginger aromas, the 2020 Can Feixes cries out for Ceviche, freshly shucked oysters or crab.

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Young, dynamic and somewhat of an outlaw, thirty-something Vanessa Cherruau farms land in the western Loire Valley, specifically the small slope of Chaumes. She purchased it from another renegade of the area, Guy Rochais and what makes them both rebels is their insistence on producing dry wines from this hallowed area. Quarts de Chaumes is reserved solely for sweet wines, thus the whites and her reds are labeled as Anjou Blanc and Rouge. Who knows, perhaps in the future these and others in this area could have their own appellation and name.

70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Cabernet Franc, this is certainly NOT Bordeaux, California or Washington. In fact, you will want to serve this in a Burgundy/Pinot Noir glass. Laden with red raspberry, warm granitic spice, sanguine and tinges of jasmine, this is absolutely dry, pure, earthy and red to the bone. Dark, haunting tones come as the wine opens and move into an illuminating, minerally finish. Enjoy this wine with roasted duck or chicken but it will also pair well with charcuterie or a hearty stew.

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The spiritual grape of Umbria's Montefalco region, Antonelli does a magnificent job in bringing out the varietal’s full expression. Rarely seen outside of this area, the Sagrantino puts forth large-scaled wines that can age for a long time. Chiusa di Pannone is a small and mighty 6½ acre vineyard that is chock full of chalky-clay soil with underlying gravel deposits. This wine is a passion for Antonelli as only limited amounts are produced and only from fine vintages.

Vintage 2015 doesn’t mess around in this region and this large and in-charge red wine seemingly has it all. Robust, heady and intense, blackberry, tobacco, mint, almond, spice and vanilla dominate the nose while the mouth is rich and so chewy that you almost need a fork to have this wine. The super-long aftertaste confirms all of the characters of the aromas. Still a baby, but one can see the deep and thrusting core of beauty and potential that is within the entire package of this wine. If you do uncork one, have it with a heavy risotto dish, maybe an Italian beef stew, but if aged, grab some fine Gorgonzola and prepare yourself for something that is truly operatic. Seriously, this wine will have no problem aging 25-30 years from vintage date. A great choice for those who enjoy the likes of Amarone or Chateaueuf and have a child or future occasion from 2015.

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Perhaps one of the friendliest red blends that we will ever show you, this wine is made from a producer who is more known for their high-quality Armagnacs. A virtual kitchen sink blend of almost equal parts of Cabernet, Merlot, Tannat and Malbec with bits of Syrah and Pinot Noir tossed in to the mix.

An easy-going, fleshy, middleweight, supple everyday gem showcasing expressive bright, fresh red juicy fruit, plum, raspberry and dark currant, with some fresh spice, earth and roasted coffee. Full of palate pleasure for a mere 11-bucks

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Maybe Washington Hermitage? The Red Willow Vineyard is a profound Washington vineyard site and more importantly, possesses some of the oldest Syrah vines (planted 1986) in Washington. As time has passed, this site has become very prized by many top winemakers for not only Syrah but for Cabernet as well. Owen Roe was one of the early proponents for Syrah from this cool site. They have been producing this wine from The Chapel Block since the early 2000s.

Fleet-footed, deep, and intense, this Syrah is quite lavish. Impressively deep and rich aromas and flavors never show heat and maintain exquisite purity. Winter fruits, nutmeg, vanilla, smoke and white pepper shine. Deep, concentrated yet lifting on the finish that shows loads of expansion and length all lasting for minutes after the wine is swallowed. Try this fabulous Syrah with something very sassy and substantial and preferably smoked. Drink through 2032+.

Montepulciano, Cersuolo & Trebbiano
A cool and fun experience with the tasty Italian wines from Abruzzo
highlighted by the Montepulciano grape as well as a white wine made from Trebbiano.
$79.00 - 4 bottle sampler
All are available separately or by the case but for maximum pleasure, try them all.
Perhaps even side by side at a tasting amongst friends.
Perfect as a gift!

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$20.00 BTL./$240.00 - CASE

Montepulciano and Abruzzo are both ancient and have been making wines since the Neolithic period. The DOC of Montepulciano D’Abruzzo was created in 1968 and most was done by local cooperatives and made into quaffing trattoria wines. These days, things are changing as more and more investment is arriving, sub-divisions are being created, terroirs explored and we are seeing the diversity and character that this grape can provide.

Located only 23 miles from the sea near the city of Pescara, this Montepulciano delivers so much Italian red brilliance for not a lot of money. From 57-year-old vines at 350 meters, one can smell and taste the marine influence beneath the swath of red plum, Morello cherry, licorice, blood orange and saline aspects. Full bodied, deep, cherry red that has nice Abruzzo tangy flavors. Old vine penetration throughout which follows into a superb, extending finish.
Food pairings: This wine seemingly is made for sauces with tomatoes. Bolognese, arrabiata, amatriciana – mangè, mangè!

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A different approach and terroir along with slightly more power than Tiberio, La Valentina makes high quality wines from specific sites in Abruzzo, pretty much one valley over.

The Spelt Riserva is worth drinking just for the color, this dark red imposes confident aromas of big blackberry fruit, pepper, tar, and roasted meats, all which follow into a lush, tangy, ever-so-slightly rustic mouth feel that isn't overtly jammy or slick with polish and make-up. Long, very drawn-out, this is a fantastic taste of Italy.
Food pairings: Like the Tiberio, this is another perfect wine to pair with tomato-based dishes but it is even more impressive with lamb-based dishes. What the hell, combine tomatoes and lamb with some penne pasta and the Spelt Montepulciano - a miracle in the mouth is bound to occur!

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There are numerous iterations and clones of the Trebbiano grape but one that is so very crucial is Trebbiano Abruzzese. This is the same version that goes into Valentini’s Trebbiano, which is regarded as one of the most prolific white wines in all of Italy. Tiberio's version from 55+ year old vines is very special indeed.

Trust me, if you are a fan of dry white wines, you will love this unoaked version from steep hills just inland from the Adriatic Sea. Incredibly intense aromas attack the nose, a nod to the old vines in the vineyard. Packed with orange blossom, mineral-smoke, anisette, jasmine and white flowers with stunning nervosity that sends it spinning around the palate. The finish is long and satisfying; a real clinic of wonderful terroir.
Food pairings: A beautiful match with risotto or spaghetti with shellfish, cracked crab, omelets or asparagus-based preparations.

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Not to be outdone is Tiberio’s Cerasuolo D’Abruzzo. Think of this as a very light red or a very dark Rose. Whatever you want to label it as, it doesn’t matter because it is very delicious.

Made from 100% Montepulciano D’Abruzzo from 50+ year old vines that is free run after significant skin contact, this wine is meant to be served chilled. Fleshy, cherry pit and raspberry aspect entire along with an array of spices that carry over into the brisk, mouth-filling and invigorating texture that has mighty, energetic burst at the end.
Food pairings: Delicious by itself or with grilled fish, different spicy Thai influenced dishes, salami and ham antipasti as well as pizza or a pasta Pomodoro.

Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir & Tempranillo, Barolo for 40, Gigondas for 30, New Felsina Chianti Release

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The southernmost Chianti Classico village and environs is Castelnuovo Berardenga. This is an area where the Chianti wines are defined by power and the undeniable leader here is Fattoria di Felsina. Having worked with these wines for almost three decades, this estate is consistently on their top form and the very fine and balanced vintage 2019 is no exception.

As usual, Felsina's Chianti Classico is made from 100% Sangiovese. In fact, Felsina's Chianti wines have always been 100% Sangio even when it was illegal to label it as such. Deep, glistening and highly fragrant aromas deliver subtle hints of peonies, thyme, roasted earth, along with overriding chocolate covered red berries. A great balance of velvety-smooth flavors, seamless integration as well as underlying structure and weight from start to finish make for a wine that is very scrumptious indeed yet one that can develop and smoothen out even more over the next 7-8 years. Enjoy with a grilled steak or hearty, meaty pasta dishes. Felsina is a true Tuscan gem and if you have ever traveled to and love the flavors of the region, this Chianti is for you.

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Love & Squalor’s first vintage was 2007 but owner/winemaker Matt Berson has worked in various Oregon cellars since 2003 including the likes of Patty Green and J. Christopher as well as in New Zealand and Germany. It would be too easy to refer to Love & Squalor as Riesling specialists and if were the only wine that were produced, it would still garner a remarkable reputation. Riesling is not the only focus, there are others made here including some damn fine Pinot Noirs.

Crucial, ferocious and thoroughly dry, this Riesling definitely has razor blade teeth and certainly is not the old blue-hair sweet versions from Chateau Benoit from back in the day! Sourced from older vineyards it is a real "sense-tantalizer" with tactile, savory aspects throughout the entire experience. Fragrant peach, hints of grapefruit, talc and smoke tones lead into a blazing texture invigorates and entices all the way through to the livewire finish. A perfect wine for mussels, smoked fish or grilled bratwurst.

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Curiosity is what drives many of us in the wine world, especially with Pinot Noir. How boring would it be to simply state that I only drink Pinot Noir from so and so region? As we know very well, the world’s Pinot Noir growing regions are all very small with many good things to embrace. Argentina’s Patagonia region is an emerging region and we are finally starting to see excellent results. No Malbec here, Bodega Chacra is Pinot Noir and Chardonnay exclusively from this cool climate terroir. Founded in 2004 by Piero Incisa della Rocchetta (grandson of the founder of famed Sassicaia), he stumbled upon some abandoned Pinot Noir vines that were pushing 80 years old. Utilizing these vines along with other fruit from other sites that he found, Chacra has become one of Argentina’s premier addresses.

What we love about this wine is that you can just sit around a smell it for days. Rich scents of ripe raspberry and plum aromas, with a beautiful exotic spice. In the mouth, the berry flavors continue only with more of a presence of wild strawberry, dark cherry, and hint of earth. Here is where you can feel it is from the New World, as its, density take over, yet never sacrifices its elegance. The finish is very impressive and buoyant with underlying ground pepper and dusty earth. Enjoy this superb Pinot Noir over the next 8-10 years.

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Tempranillo time indeed with an inviting and open knit wine that comes from Bertrand Sourdais who was winemaker at Atauta before it was sold in 2009. He soon went back to Chinon and got Domaine Pallus rolling but the sirens of Spain called him back and along with another Atauta alum, David Hernando came up with the antidote…or antidoto.

From 50-year-old vineyards in the eastern sector of the Ribera del Duero region, sunlight combines with cooler climate and at 1000 or so meters; this truly is the ceiling of the area. Seemingly, there is a virtual fragrance and complexity that is Rioja-like that inspires this wine yet is backed up beautifully with the fullness, power and depth of Ribera Del Duero. The natural stanchness of the 100% Tempranillo fruit is massaged into a structure that seduces the palate, caressing the tongue with an almost velvet-like texture. Fresh-cut flowers, mineral, creamy marionberry permeate from the glass following to a savory texture and is chock full of earth and spice. Refined and scrumptious now, it will easily develop for 5-7 years as well.

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Over the years, we have featured Cabernet Franc wines from the Saumur-Champigny region in the Loire Valley and Domaine de Bonneliere is a relatively new producer for us to feature. Currently there are two reds available, one an entry cuvee, and this from the rather prestigious single Cru of Les Poyeaux.

30% of this 100% Cabernet Franc cuvee is aged in 2-year-old barrels with the remainder in tank all coming from clay-limestone soils that lie on top of Tuffeau chalk. Sexy, pure and forward aromas of black cherry pit, smoke, herbs, violet and gravel. Soulful terroir aspects with more sandalwood arriving swirling in the glass, its flavors are tangy and earthy, but with luscious dry fruit on the well-balanced and rather expansive texture on through to smooth, high-toned, mineral-laden finish. Use a Riedel Pinot Noir or Burgundy glass and enjoy with anything ranging from pork chops, venison to duck and steak-frites.

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We highlighted this wine at last week’s Zoom Tasting with Domaine de Cabasse and it was very popular from the moment it went into the glass. From six acres in the Dentelles de Montmirail, this award winning, traditionally produced Gigondas is 80% Grenache with Syrah and Mourvedre and happens to come from one of our favorite Southern Rhone hidden gem producers.

A potpourri of aromas accentuated with herbes-des-provence, white pepper, red plum and blackberry undertones, this Gigondas epitomizes its suave and sultry side without ever sacrificing its warmth, backbone, depth or detail. Loads of depth and material, plenty of persistence and structure. Black raspberry, lavender, smoke and grenadine scents lead into a provençal palate that possesses ample palate presence yet is buoyant and full of smooth and savory characteristics with excellent fruit and white pepper on the beautifully lingering finish. Drink over the next 10-15 years. This wine pairs best with all types braised fare. Lamb shanks in a tomato-laden sauce, daube de boeuf (think Provence Beef Bourguigon), and Pork Loin roast slathered with olive oil, thyme and rosemary, classic Hungarian Goulash or duck dishes. Some cheese choices: Saint-Nectaire, aged Manchego and while not cheese, owner Benoit Baudry suggests a piece of spicy chocolate.

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The ancient Dao region has gone from old and passed by to one of excitement and youth. This producer epitomizes this statement brilliantly with this classic blend of 80% Jaen (Mencia), 10% Tinto Roriz (Tempranillo), 5% Alfochiero Preto and a 5% co-fermented field blend of other varietals.

Lively, inviting tones of marionberry, pepper and soft roasted herbs. They all seem to build as the wine opens in the glass and entice you to take a sip, which is pristine, medium-bodied and forward. It also shows wonderful intensity but is also clean succulent and calls you to pour more from the bottle. An excellent choice with everyday fare as well as being a nice red wine for fish.

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$39.99 BTL./$479.88 CASE

Cousin of Enrica and Elisa Scavino of Paolo Scavino, Azelia’s Lorenzo Scavino is ‘e fiamme’ with his wines at his neighboring Castiglione-Falletto Barolo estate. These days, scoring a Barolo for forty-bucks is a rarity, especially for a wine of this quality. A snapshot and tribute to those who once took great sites and made them into one blend, the 2017 comes from Altenasso and Solanotto vineyards in Castiglione Falletto; Cerretta, young vines (55-50 years old) from Bricco Voghera as well as San Rocco, Cerrati and Broglio vineyards, all in Serralunga d'Alba. Superb scion material indeed!

Aged in 5000-liter Slavonian casks, is sort of a Barolo anti-hero, a well-dressed bad guy yet very likable. Still very primary in its personality, the energetic character from Serralunga’s limestone is present with lots of mineral and movement. Dark chocolate, black fruits creep in with underlying scents of porcini, asphalt and mint. Lots of depth and virtual mountainous structure. Serious spine and acidity cuts into the rich texture. This can use another 12-18 more months of cellaring before opening. Best 2024 – 2033+.

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Jean-Philippe Fichet can certainly be referred as a Meursault magician. In fact, this statement can be placed on all of his wines. Back when I visited in him in 1996, I knew he was going to be a rock star from his early results. In fact, he may be trashing a hotel room in Beaune or Dijon or lighting up a fat spliff as I write this!

Miex Sous le Chateau sits damn near in the village of Meursault! Located under the mairie, west facing and protected from north winds, this site receives its sun and warmth in the afternoon due to its orientation. In the bottom of the vineyard the soil is generous; while the top is stonier. Fichet’s plantings come from 1955 and 1965 and the old vines clock in on all components. As soon as the wine is poured, a creamy, butternut nose that is very classic Meursault entices all of one's olfactory senses. Alluring focus with orange, cereal, hazelnut, lemon and musky spice which morph into pronounced rich flavors that seduce the palate…Overall, this is very relaxed and comfortable but its grip sneaks up on you on the impressively gliding finish. Drink through 2031+.

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