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Zerbina Top-Level Sangiovese
Dry Chenin Blanc, Beaujolais, Zin for 12-bucks
96-Point Felsina Cabernet

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$19.99 BTL./$239.88 CASE

When it comes to Languedoc’s Corbieres region, Domaine Fontsainte is definitely on the Mt. Rushmore of producers. For almost forty years, this leader has consistently released detailed wines that reflect the varietals and terroirs of this area and best of all they remain terrific values.

La Demoiselle is the killer Reserve wine from this estate. Made with 60% Carignan from 100+ year old vines along with 30% Grenache and 10% Mourvedre, the wine completely overachieves for its price point. Instantly after pouring into the glass, Mediterranean aromas of crushed red raspberry, wind-swept herbs, lavender and pepper along with gentle cocoa notes filled the air. A soulful wine indeed, a truly harmonious ensemble of savory richness and poise that all follows through to the ample dry and vibrant finish. A Corbieres of impeccable quality, this can age nicely for 10-12 years from vintage date. Enjoy it with sausage and bean casserole, grilled steak and of course, pork chops.

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$16.99 BTL./$203.88 CASE

Napa based Vinum Cellars has been committed to offering fabulous California wines for extremely fair prices since 1997. At the time of their inception, this wine, CNW (Chardonnay No Way) Chenin Blanc that established them as rebels and rabble-rousers. This wine was and remains VERY delicious to this day.

Last week I had this alongside a more 'famous' Oregon Pinot Gris and suffice to say, this Chenin kicked its ass all over the field. From Clarksburg and a farm/vineyard that was established in 1921, this Chenin Blanc oozes delight. Picture a ballerina sporting an orange Mohawk. Elegant, refined and poised but with insane energy and attitude to boot. Melon, smoke, verbena, sapoda, tons of white fig with late arriving mineral and lemon/citrusy acidity that electrifies and satisfies the entire palate. This will pair well with chevre, shrimp salad or fish like cod. Now if I were really a puritan, I would say that this goes down too easily and almost like water, but since I am not exactly very virtuous, I’d rather say to use it when you are on a date. You figure it out!

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$39.99 BTL./$239.94 - SIX PACK

By happy chance, the American media have barely scratched the surface of these top-level Italian wines. Pound for pound, Zerbina wines are some of the most amazing values in the world…Fortunately for us it is grown east of Bologna in the Romagna district of the Emilia Romagna region because if this wine were a Super Tuscan or Brunello di Montalcino, it would easily fetch twice the price!

Cristina Geminiani is a long-time Cellar Door friend and it has been a while since we have offered her top Sangiovese, Pietramora, which is only released in the finest vintages. Always more large-scaled than its Tuscan cousins, the 2017 Pietramora is a mere 812 case production and at age six is starting to unfold nicely. Look for big black cherry jam, sage, vanilla, peppery tones, licorice root and saddle leather tones along with spicy, smoky cedarbox and tobacco notes that are quite aromatic. Generous with complex and driving flavors, there is fine structure and balance, which present themselves especially with fresh red fruit, and lush Mexican hot chocolate flavors that seemingly lingering on. Enjoy through 2030+.

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$21.99 BTL./$263.88 CASE

McMinnville based Coeur de Terre is one of Oregon’s best-kept secrets. This estate has been quietly making delicious Pinot Noirs on all levels and their 2022s across the board are quite appealing.

The 2022 Oregon Pinot is solely from Coeur de Terre’s estate vineyards and really reveals the dark-toned, savory side of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. Laced with plum-pepper, red berry, anise and fine herbs that waft from the glass, this wine is lush, forward, creamy and shows lovely persistence and length. Very drinkable now but will develop nicely over the next 5-7 years, too.

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$13.99 BTL./$167.88 CASE

A plucky and very quaffable number, the newly arrived 2021 is flat-out delicious and reflects Terriere's meticulous nature with a nose full of complex but pretty aromas of red fruits, strawberry and raspberry, herbs, and not to mention mineral. As this beauty sits in the glass, violet and spice join in on the nose while in the mouth pure and lively fruits shine with sneaky structure, sneaky length and elegant backbone that remind of pre-global warming days with its lightness and brightness.

Beaujolais is always very versatile when it comes to food pairings. Enjoy this with roasted chicken, pho, grilled fish or just on a picnic with a spread of meats and cheeses.

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$29.99 BTL./$359.88 CASE

Following up on the terrific 2021 vintage, the 2022s are very exciting as well, especially for Kabinett and Spatlese as botrytis didn’t set in for the dessert style wines. The Leistenberg vineyard is located in a Nahe valley just outside Oberhausen. This particular site is ideal for Kabinett level resulting in Riesling wines that possess apex minerality yet beautiful refinement.

Overflowing with mineral that frames peach, talc and prominent lime scents that persist on through the long and mouth-watering finish. Well-balanced throughout, this is a food-lover's playground! Pair it up with Mexican-inspired seafood dishes or grab some ahi tuna, jack it with some soy, ginger and a little Chinese five-spice, cook it on the rare side and go crazy! One other thing, these wines age like beasts, drink this steal through 2026+.

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96 Points - The Wine Advocate...First thing y'all must know about Felsina's Maestro Raro is that it isn't exactly a toss-off Cabernet that was a one-shot deal, this grape and wine is taken very seriously and quite sought-after. A real treat to enjoy, the vineyard source is adjacent to Felsina's famed Vigna Rancia site and since 1987; this wine has won numerous accolades and is the epitome of what this grape can do in the Chianti region.

Dazzling, deep aromas of plum, boysenberry, roasted earth and red licorice dominate on the nose. Undertones of sage and thyme let you know that it is Italian. Structured, detailed and full but with excellent poise and polish. In the mouth, the red fruit is ripe and somewhat opulent and although the grip is noticeable, the tannins are quite silky to allow for a bottle or two to be uncorked early on. The Bordeaux inspiration shows in the finish which is very long and expansive but very focused and suave. A red for the table, enjoy now through 2035++ with braised pork over fresh parpardelle or a simple grilled steak.

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The fortified, liqueur influenced wines of the Rutherglen are as original as kangaroos or wombats in Australia. These are two of Australia's great gifts to the world; sumptuously hedonistic dark, sweet, alcoholic liquids that in some cases have been aged for 100 years in the Solera method. The greatest thing about these wines is that one doesn't have to consume a whole bottle in one sitting. Just put the cork back in and have more on another day! These rare treats from this producer, who is generally regarded as one of the best, are in limited production.

There is excessive New World romanticism about the red wine and chocolate combination. If you prefer a mouth full of bitterness, go on and have a pinot or cab with chocolate. Not only are you destroying a good red wine, you are killing good chocolate. It may go well with Russell Stover, but we never recommend red wine with the likes Valrhona or Bernard Callebaut. Deeply amber in color and very dense and sweet, however terrific acids cut into the density. Scents of almonds, molasses, maple, ginger, black licorice and more carry over to a robust and hedonistic texture that pairs very well with blue cheese and especially chocolate.

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Located in California’s Central Coast region and produced at Clos LaChance, the lineup of wines from this producer offer formidable bang for the buck. No, they will never be the level of Ridge or Rafanelli but for 12-bucks, one scores a hell of a lot of flavor and character.

Chock full of pepper and black raspberry with dusty cocoa along with a smoky, meaty undertone. Super forward, this is a mouth-filling gem that pleases with every sip. Break out the grill, call some friends, and uncork many bottles of this tasty Zin.