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$23.99 BTL./$287.88 CASE

There is always some sort of back-story to any wine that we offer on an exclusive basis. Often times when we get excited for a new wine and wish to work with it, there seemingly is a nine-month gestation period to make it all happen. Label approval, timing, shipping, coordination with the distributor, etc. Sometimes things work out for the better, especially given delays from shipping, so when this wine was tasted in France when we were there in May, I thought this would arrive at the holidays at the earliest. Voila it is here now! Mathieu Boutiere is essentially a one-man show and based in Gigondas (see below). We have always known he makes a minute amount of Vacqueyras and have tasted it on numerous occasions, but with only 250-400 cases produced; this is only the second time we have ever been offered any to feature.

Very different from the Gigondas, the small 2-acre plot is located north of the village in the Dentelles and is a blend of 60% Grenache & 40% Syrah. Combining a commanding, feral, groove-a-licious yet very diplomatic presence, this 60% Grenache/40% Syrah blend features a multitude of complex perfumed aromas of exotic spice, lavender, ground pepper, mineral, smoked meat and raspberry which dominate the nose. In the mouth, the flavors speak a dialect that is pure Provençal! Layered and with pinnacle intensity, this wild and full red holds its nice freshness, especially on the wild, spice-laden finish that seemingly coats the entire palate. Very lovely now and will age well for a decade. Have it with braised venison or lamb shanks and other meats.

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$29.99 BTL./$359.88 CASE

Owning just over 40 acres (33 on the classic Gigondas plateau with red clay, limestone and gravel and 7 in the Dentelles with marl covered by scree) the Gigondas is the specialty of the house at Pesquier. Not only is this a stellar value, right now I feel that this wine is top four or five in the entire appellation. 75% Grenache, 20% Syrah & 5% Mourvedre, this is classy and sassy juice with a side of complexity.

Scoring the finest of Gigondas at this price level with this quality never happens these days because so many (including bunches that are not of this caliber) are north of $30. The 2019 falls in amongst recent greats like 2010, 2016 and 017 with its core of generous fruit, detail of origin, backbone and freshness, these wines have all the trappings for greatness. Penetrating, muscular but not without class. Soulful scents of blackberry, balsamico, licorice and rosemary all in a seamless package. Well-concentrated with plenty of dance and elusiveness – fleet-footed for being this full and intense. Livens and brightens on the high-toned, very lengthy finish that seemingly has herbes de provence sprinkled about. Drink this beauty through 2032; however decant it if you wish to have it on the younger side.

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$19.99 BTL./$119.94 - SIX PACK

Resounding specialist in Il Veneto, the Tedeschi family does not mess around when it comes to their excellent Valpolicella and Amarone wines. Five generations of Tedeschis have been making wine in this region. They are highly thought of by not only their peers but also Italian wine lovers throughout the world.

Grapes for this offering are dried for about a month then aged for 18 months in large Slovenian botti and this is what brings more body and complexity to the wine. Dried cherry tones that seems as though they have been infused with exotic herbs and spices play off mint and amare tones. In the mouth, there is good force with full fruit that runs very deep. Flavors of cherry that come from just around the pit are present and are very textbook. The finish planes out and is quite sophisticated for 20 bucks. A perfect fall/winter offering to drink 4-6 years with an array of pastas, braised meats or cheese. PS – look for an announcement featuring a ‘by-invite’ Friday tasting in October with Sabrina Tedeschi.

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$21.99 BTL./$263.88 CASE

Whether it is France, Italy, Spain or the New World, Colli di Lapio's 2020 Fiano D'Avellino is one of the most intriguing and hedonistically pleasing white wines that Bryan has tasted in 2022. Because of the cool microclimate where Clelia Romano's Colli di Lapio estate is located in the hills east of Naples and due to the poor volcanic soil of Mount Vesuvius, this is a prime growing area for white wine. Once again, this wine has the vaunted Tre Bicchieri Award from Gambero Rosso.

The striking nose is full and broad with aromas of honeysuckle, toasted hazelnut, pear, rose oil and Texas grapefruit that are seemingly spiked with tones of sea salt and spice, reminiscent of a great Alsace Grand Cru. Gorgeous mouth-coating, fleshy and lush flavors fill the mouth only to be upstaged by the mineral zinginess that instantly cleanses only leaving the fresh flavors behind for what seems like 10 minutes. This stunner is perfect with a bowl of spaghetti with clams, scallops, shrimp salad and lighter white meat dishes.

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$39.99 BTL./$479.88 CASE - LIMITED

After making no Pinot Noir in 2020, Kelley is back with her premier 2021 Pinot release, the always-brilliant Mirabai cuvee. Produced from two legendary vineyards and following Kelley’s credo of solely utilizing old vines for this wine, 70% is from the Weber Vineyard (planted in 1983) and 30% from Maresh (planted in 1978 and 1991). No new oak and 30% whole clusters, this wine has so much attractiveness to it that I prefer what K-Fox has to say about her eloquent Pinot:

‘The Mirabai 2021 is a light-to-medium, youthful, cool-toned red with blue and deep pink undertones. It’s eye-catchingly brilliant in the glass and transparent. True to the 2021 vintage, the nose is deliciously heady, this one full of Hood strawberries (the best-scented of all, I think), soft minerality, and a hint of spices and tea. The mouth is the same and carried on the classic Dundee Hills silk and finishes long. The Mirabai 2021 is a beautiful, balanced joybringer. It has soaring energy and feels like birdsong’.

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Currently, there are many thrilling wines from Australia being produced but sadly, we rarely have access to them. Most of this is due to the large corporate distributors and publicly traded wineries shoving sweet, alcoholic Critter Wines down our throats. This all makes me want to suggest that you grab a weapon of choice (Nerf disc shooters, plush peashooter, carnival toss-balls work very well) go to your neighborhood grocery store and shoot down any Little Penguins, Yellow Tails, Four Emus or Black Swans. Clean up in Aisle Nine indeed!

Joking aside, wines such as this are new mode of Australia, depth and personality without being oozing and gooey and 16-plus% alcohol! From the Heathcote region of Victoria, this is sexy juice with a very alluring nose of cherry pit, blackberry, currants, and a hint of curry spice. In the mouth, it is jacked with a nice core of fruit, dark chocolate, and spiced earth since it is aged sans oak. Enjoy this un-manipulated, non-focus-group-made Shiraz on just about any night of the week with spicy beef dishes, ribs, burger, pizza, et. al.

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94 Points – Wine Enthusiast… Here at The Cellar Door we never hide the fact that we adore Chablis. More and more that we taste and visit this area, one is really finding that the values within this famed French region lie within the Premier Cru bottlings. It is on this level where one can score something $30-$45 from apex producers such as Brocard and enjoy it over 10-12 years, especially in fine vintages like 2019. Located on Chablis’s left bank in the valley just behind Cote de Lechet, Vau de Vey qualifies as a cool climate Premier Cru, especially with the north winds that roar down on these steep kimmeridge vineyards.

‘A lifted but guarded sense of lemon zest plays on this wine's nose, forthright at one moment, restrained the next. The palate channels concentrated but creamy lemon peel, mouthwatering in its frankness but buffered by lovely chalkiness. Lemony limestone freshness rings long after the last sip’. – 94 POINTS – Wine Enthisuast Magazine

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It’s back! One of California’s terrific fighting flavor forward red wines that is so damn easy to like.

Constructed with four Bordeaux varietals, 40% Petite Verdot, 27% Cabernet Franc, 19% Cabernet Sauvignon, 14% Merlot, this toothsome treat presents boysenberry, dark chocolate, cedar and roasted coffee aromas that follow to a texture that is mouth-filling and full of California smoothness. A perfect wine to serve to a crowd.

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SPECIAL - $79.99 BTL./$479.94 - SIX PK

95 Points – Vinous… Ar.Pe.Pe. (pronounced are-pay-pay) is an abbreviation for Arturo Pelizzatti Perego. Located in Italy's Valtellina region, this area and these particular wines, prove that Nebbiolo is not exclusively for Barolo and Barbaresco. In fact, if you were to get a 13-year-old wine of this magnitude in those regions, you would pay three times the price.

Valtellina is located in Northern Lombardy and not far from the Swiss border; this is truly a region for mountain wines. Ar.Pe.Pe. is a militantly traditional producer only aging their wines in large 5000-liter barrels, truly allowing the terroir and grape to form well. Inferno is one of four subzones entitled to DOCG status; in effect, you could call these Grand Cru Valtellina. Sinister, steely and very packed with blitzing aromas. Turned earth, peat, dried roses, cherry pit, camphor and orange peel aromas shine on the terrific bouquet that is full of complexity and dimension. In the mouth, it is well structured, sculpted and full of complexity with a fine velvety aspect beneath the surface. Packed and soaring on the finish, this ultra-traditional Nebbiolo screams purity and has the propensity to age for another decade and beyond. When you uncork, do a slow decant to separate it from any sediment and serve it with a hearty risotto or slow-roasted meat dish. So Italian, so mountain and so unique, this is a wine for those who love great Burgundy or Barolo.