Friday Sips


Today, June 22 from 3:30-6:30 PM

Shorts one day, fleece the next. Welcome to Summer in Portland & Rosé in the Rain!

Drop by from 3:30-6:30 to taste the yummy pink wines listed below plus a red or two for those who are planning on building an ark when the sun goes away this weekend!!

$14.99 BTL./$179.88 CASE

If there is one under $20 Rosé that is a MUST try, this is the one!! Hot on the heels of last year's success (we sold our 10 cases in a day) comes the newly released, extremely alluring, 2011 CDR Rosé from one of our favorite Chateauneuf producers, Domaine de Beaurenard.

Energetic elegance, lithe fragrances reveal agile tones of cherry pit, lime, mineral, and a likable combination of hawthorn and fennel. Plenty of depth and body along with breezy, provençal pop in the mouth this is essence of citrus that's been "cuisinarted" with the crunchy bits around the pit of a red plum. Sterling persistence, this illuminating rosé will work with friends but also smokes with white fish like halibut or sea bass that's been doused with good olive oil an spiked with garlic and fennel.

$23.99 BTL./$287.88 CASE

Artisan winemakers are a lot like fine musicians, no potential virtuoso would ever want to be called a Kenny G wannabe. Like this, no brilliant, small wine producer would ever want to be compared to the likes of Gallo.

Having been making Sancerre wines for over 40 years, Andre Neveu doesn't need some PR idiot promoting some conjured up, embellished romantic "story" about his legendary Sancerre wines. If you want to be seduced by top-notch terroir and winemaking craft, just open a bottle of any his wines and the aromas and flavors will do all the talking for you. Luminous as usual, the new 2011 Sancerre Rosé is once again really hijacks all of the senses needed to appreciate and love this wine…which have been doing for many years! Kisses of herbs and spices, scintillating cranberry/grapefruit, lemon-drop character plays off of stellar smoke/peat aspects. Somewhat of a ballerina in drag, cool red flavors are enhanced by sculpted mineral acidity. Palate-sweeping and possessing a lightning-strike of a finish this wine is one of the optimum pink wines to go with grilled salmon…or if you can find one, a good Crottin du Chavignol goat cheese.


There used to be a time that you couldn't give Rosé wines away. Whether people associated Rosé with the sickeningly sweet rat poison that is white zinfandel or if they had too much testosterone in their system and thought something would fall off if they drank pink wines, they were resoundingly avoided.

These days it is chic to drink rosé, and in the summertime, we now have the pleasure of wading through an ocean of dry pink wine, so now we have to pick and choose what to sell. One of the big surprises of the Rosé season is this engaging version that comes from Washington's Wahluke Slope. More than not, Washington Rosé are more akin to Hawaiian Punch with alcohol, but in this wine's case, the Mourvedre shows itself in a strong manner and is full of joy and character. Fleshy, meaty strawberry and raspberry with an array of spices that carry over into the mouth-filling and invigorating texture. Delicious by itself or with grilled fish, different spicy Thai influenced dishes, pecorino, or wild strawberries drizzled with great balsamic vinegar.