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Cristom Pinot Noir, Rose, Italian Red Special, Chinon & more


$17.99 BTL./$215.88 CASE

Chinon and Cabernet Franc freaks all know the prowess of the likes of Joguet or Baudry but more and more we are seeing a good core of producers rising to the upper echelon and Rodolphe Raffault is certainly one of them. We have offered Rodolphe’s entry wines in the past but this time we are offering one of the superb single vineyard offerings. One of the top sites of Chinon, Raffault owns 14 of the 36 acres making the family the largest holders of the site.

100% Cabernet Franc but we encourage you to serve in a Riedel Burgundy/Pinot glass in lieu of a Bordeaux/Cab glass because it has more aromatic, silky tendencies. Packed with notes of wild strawberry, fennel, and licorice on the nose with an ampleness that is true to the 2009 vintage. Symbiotically balanced red raspberry fruit in the mouth, with savory spices and herbs, and great supporting structure on the finish, lots of brightness and dimension carries over to the soulful finish. A wonderful wine that is a true taste of France. Enjoy through 2019 with everything from BBQ, duck, roasted chicken or a joyful dish of steak-frites.

$12.99 BTL./$155.88 CASE

IL SOAVE – THE SOAVE!! Legendary Nino Pieropan literally put the region on his back and has carried it into the heights that we see today and vintage 2011 continues the man's long and storied legacy. Fragrant lemon and green apple character commences and then develops mineral and rocky tones as it opens.

Plenty of palate presence; very clean and gaining briskness, especially on the soil-driven finish. Beautiful with an array of seafood, especially grilled prawns. 100% of this fruit is from Pieropan's own vineyards within the Classico zone, but since it's bottled under screwcap, it is not entitled to Classico status. Either way, it was top-level great when it was 20 bucks and under cork – same great quality and even more attractive at $13!!

$11.99 BTL./$143.88 CASE

Kurt Vile is playing on the IPod in the background and he is singing about walking on a pretty day. Now that the sun’s here (even for just a glimpse in April), the time for dry rose is upon us! Cristo Irresisto is from one of Oregon’s most prolific Pinot Noir producers who just happens to NOT use Pinot Noir in this secretive blend of Grenache and Syrah hails from of all places - Maupin, Oregon!

Raging delicious dry pink wine possessing hair-raising aromas and flavors of hawthorn, herbs, spices, and red cherries build and build from the glass to a mouth-filling texture that is crunchy, mouth-watering and very alluring. The Cristo Irresisto Rose is a knockout pairing with just about any grilled fish or chicken. Grab yours now if you love Rosé because this one always is popular and sells out quickly!

$9.99 BTL./$119.88 CASE

Languedoc-based Chateau Paraza’s Best Buy Minervois is comprised of 40% Grenache, 40% Syrah, 20% Mourvedre and is 100% yummy.

Luscious and exuberant with mountains of personality, dense red and black fruit, peppery spice, roasted earth and garrigue. Plenty of oomph on the palate but with a fun, full and easy going mouthfeel that makes this a great 10 dollar red to have around the house for everything from grilled lamb chop lollipops to salmon tartar.

$39.99 BTL./$479.88 CASE

Sommer’s Reserve is Cristom’s exercise in artistry. Working from 14 single vineyards, this is where Steve Doerner uses his palette and paints to create one of the most unique, yet distinctively, terroir-driven Oregon Pinots we work with year in and year out. Always the last offering to be released, the 2010 is a worthy successor to the many outstanding versions that we’ve seen. Think perhaps of a sleeker, more caressing 2008 in its formation, this 2010 Pinot seduces with its finesse.

Lovely layers, movement and tell-tale firm underbelly, ample cherry-pit, herbs and anisette tones shine. Drawn-out, nicely layered and lingering. Not undrinkable by any means early, however, there is way too much story to come with this wine. Best 2015 – 2023.

$23.99 BTL./$143.94 – SIX PACK CASE

Greece is no longer just all about the floor polish better known as retsina; in fact, there is a thriving wine industry that is being led by a young generation who has studied in France, Italy, America and Australia. They are then returning home to make wines that are distinct to what their terroir and native grape varietals have to offer.

Treat Greek wines as Mediterranean wine to serve with your finest preparations and not just dolmas or souvaki. Considered by many experts to be the greatest white grape in Greece, Assyrtiko is a grape that adapts well to different soil types and is even more known for having both intense rich depth and vibrant, lightning-like acidity. From the island of Santorini, which is the spiritual home of the varietal, Gai’a’s Thalassitis winery and vineyard makes my favorite version. Earth, saline, prominent vitamin, powdery citrus and woven-in floral scents roll into a texture that is intensity personified. An authoritative white wine to have with lobster, crab or sole done with olives/capers.

[reg. $49.99] SPECIAL PRICE - $34.99 BTL./$419.88 CASE

Made by one of the real heroines of Italian wine, Cristina Geminiani has been producing excellent wines from her Romagna-based vineyards located about an hour east of Bologna that many Italian wine insiders have known about for many years. On a hot special price, the 2006 Marzieno Ravenna Rosso is a TKO value and whether you love Italian wine or Cabernet-style blends, is worthy of your attention.

60% Sangiovese, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Merlot, 15% Syrah & 5% Ancellotta this is a hearty mouthful of Emilia-Romagna at its best. Still primary with aromas of attacking plum, boysenberry, licorice. Undertones of sage and thyme let you know that it is Italian. Gentle hints of chocolaty, smoky oak creep through (30% new utilized). Structured, full and attacking, but with excellent poise and polish. A little Bordeaux-like firmness shows in the expansive and impressive finish. This is spectacular juice for about 1/4 the price of many trendoid Super Tuscans from the Bolgheri region! Drink through 2022 and certainly not a crime if you were to uncork this evening.