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20 buck Barbaresco, Leonetti, French White values and more

$21.99 BTL./$263.88 CASE

No your eyes aren't messing with you on a Monday. Yes this is a $22 Barbaresco from famed importer Kermit Lynch that I had a chance to taste last week. Is it Giacosa Santo Stefano, produttori Asili or Di Gresy's Camp Gros? The answer would be no, but then again it is many times less expensive and isn't just a knockoff Nebbiolo with Barbaresco slapped on to the label, it's damn credible and well done indeed.

Located in Mango in the heart of Moscato country, the majority of the Tintero family's production is with this grape but they also have others plated for various dry red and white wines including their treasured 2½ acres of Nebbiolo in the Barbaresco village of Neive. Babaresco 101. For those who love the great grape of Northern Italy, nebbiolo, and for those who want to make their initial foray into Piemontese wines like Barolo and Barbaresco, this is the perfect launching pad. It also doesn't hurt that it's from 2010 which is a prolific Piedmont vintage. Exuberant and forward tones of strawberry, licorice, tar and vibrancy show off lovely depth and Barbaresco class. In the mouth, it is stylish, luscious and mouth-crawling with earthy flavors and a savory, bright finish. Very pleasurable with slow-roasted dishes, drink this most excellent Barbaresco value over the next 6-8 years.


$9.99 BTL./$119.88 CASE

There is always something good happening in the South of France when it comes to delicious wine values. Les Perles is a series of varietally labeled wines made by Minervois maestro Jerome Calmes which absolutely offers up amazing quality for 10 bucks. This wine blows my mind for its meager 10 buck price point.

A Chardonnay sans oak, there is plenty of sunshine reflecting its growing conditions in this warm and colorful southern French region. Superbly mouth-filling and vivid with notes of orange, nectarine and subtle creme brulee that spread out from the front to the back of the palate where the fine minerality and briskness take it to a next level versus many of its brethren at this price point.

$9.99 BTL./$119.88 CASE

Year in and year out we are amazed at just how over-delivering this Viognier truly is and version 2013 of this perennial best-buy white's rose, lavender and lily aromas give strong varietal character. Like the Chardonnay, this is also made without oak.

Explosive aromas of peach-blossom, orange-zest, mineral and spice follow into a texture that is concentrated, yet possesses plenty of cool brisk tones. Plenty of spice, which is natural for Viognier, creeps through on the finish. While we'd all love to drink Condrieu as an everyday Viognier, at $60 per bottle, that isn't exactly pragmatic. Instead, throw back some bottles of this impeccable summer-sipper with Latin-inspired seafood dishes.

$9.99 BTL./$119.88 CASE

So what exactly is this Picpoul stuff? Picpoul is a refreshing, dry white grape varietal found in Pinet, which is located in the Coteaux-du-Languedoc region of France. The great thing about Picpoul is that there are no luxury cuvees produced, no crazy use of French oak and it is always dry, blazing, and just downright slurpable.

Gorgeous aromatics of melon, green apple and flowers lead into a bursting mouthful of lime-zest, saline and subtle herbs go nuclear. Anyone who loves dry, crisp white wines, should stock up on this delicious everyday white wine! Divine stuff to drink with shellfish or a plate of grilled green vegetables. We missed ya Picpoul, we're glad to have ya back. Drink now and drink lots.

$27.99 BTL./$335.88 CASE

It isn't hyperbole to state that Tony Soter has been one of the profound influences on American Pinot Noir and wine in general. From his days as founder at Etude in Napa, there has been no shortage of sheer awesomeness from this guy. Having returned to his birthplace in 1997 to concentrate on Pinot Noir, he and winemaker James Cahill have set about on a fantastic voyage and are making some of the most outstanding wines in the Willamette Valley.

North Valley is a Pinot Noir which focuses on blending fine vineyards from the northern portion of the Willamette Valley. For vintage 2012, vineyards include Vista Hills, Momtazi, Beacon Hill and Zena Crown. Known as the first Pinot in the Soter line-up, the 2012 is far beyond that of mere "entry level". Always an enjoyable pinot in its youth this beauty offers signature full fruit which rolls over into alluring aromas of red and white flowers, apple blossoms and violets. Lacy red berry aspects coat the palate melting seamlessly with complex flavors of smoked, cinnamon, peppercorn and a hint of vanilla; plenty of depth and expansion with telltale Soter balance all the way through to the cassis-laden finish. Enjoy now through 2021+ with roasted rack of lamb, grilled pork tenderloin and any mushroom dish.

$21.99 BTL./$263.88 CASE

Not your ordinary Cotes-du-Rhone but one from the great Cornas masters! From the cooler climate, 45th parallel Northern Rhône Valley and 100% Syrah, this fascinating, refined and aromatic specimen is made with portions of declassified Cornas as well as older vines surrounding the region. If you like numbers it also possesses a 90 point review from The Wine Advocate.

Plenty of vivid aromatics are present with loads of plum, tea-leaf and dark chocolate underlying graham-like spices and smoked olive from the granitic soils. Lacy, crunchy and dry red in the mouth, one feels the seduction of the region as the wine touches and coats the palate but never gets heavy or obnoxious. Lively and very deceptive with its extension and ground pepper tones. Do this one with grilled chicken or pork over the next 4-6 years. If you like the finest of the Rhone, order this one immediately!

$11.99 BTL./$143.88 CASE

A fun-filled favorite Rioja value and possessing an almost ruby nose of blue flowers, roasted earth, raspberries and strawberries, this Spanish red exudes the class of something that should cost a lot more.

Fleshy and fresh in the mouth with just the right amount of spiciness from the vineyard site, it's smooth and plush without pretension and makes for a wonderful, everyday drink. Have it with a range of cuisine from cold meats to roasted chicken or fish stews.


The mythical status for this wine has been around for the entire 20 years that I have lived in the Northwest.

Always a top-draw, the Figgins family make wines that truly deserve their lofty status in the Walla Walla and Washington hierarchy. The 2011 follows suit. Typical thunderous Leonetti Cab. Deep, dense and very long-lived. As you can see, not much is available. First come-first-served!