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A Lesson In Olive Oil Terroir
4 delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oils from 3 regions' top wine/oil producers

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One of the more difficult olive oils to get your hands on is the Rocca di Montegrossi Olive Oil. Made with 90% Correggiolo olives and 10% Moraiolo, finesse, richness, complexity and spice rule the day. This unique zone in Chianti is one that is in the path of maritime winds, thus the chance for frost is minimal. Why is this important to this oil you ask?? In 1985, a killer frost killed off many old olive trees, but many of Marco's were spared.

Organically produced, the flavors in this exquisite oil show the use of these old trees. Beautiful green color with intense judicious aromas that evoke ripe green character along with the essence of ripe fruit - rich and creamy with harmonious yet assertive spiciness. Serious stuff that is excellent for dipping on high quality bread and paired with Montegrossi's Chianti Classico. Also fine with grilled vegetables or salads.

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One of the most important, small yet mighty wineries on the Adriatic coast's Le Marches region, Fiorano's olive oil is quite a treat. Made in the southern reaches of this area blessed with both sea and mountain climates, this oil is based around Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino, Sargano and Tenera Ascolana olives with the latter three types authentic species from the Picenum province. This oil is unbelievably ethereal, graceful and buoyant.

Loaded with exquisite ripe fruit, subtle spice and harmonious lift, it is something very delicious and very special. A simple preparation of halibut with lemon and then drizzled with this oil will make just about anyone happy…and again, don't forget the bread!

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The Bartolommei family, owners and operators Caprili, located in Montalcino, produces some of the most cerebral and complex wines in Tuscany so it is no wonder that the family has the same adept hands with their famed Brunello as well as with this wonderfully delicious and complex oil.

One whiff of this oil and you know it is serious business. It has the most exquisite roasted green olive aroma with just a hint of spice. In the mouth, it has great richness and intensity, a creamy, almost buttery feel up front, and finishes with classic Tuscan green olive spice. Highlighted by Frantoio olive and blended with other Tuscan species, the sheer elegance and balance of this oil is what makes it so ethereally delectable. With an olive oil this good you want to let its flavors shine, so invite some friends over, break out the bread and oil, and of course a bottle of Caprili wine. For a step up drizzle this on bruschetta. For maximum pleasure though this makes a great and easy natural "sauce" for just about any grilled meat.

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$34.99 – 500 ML BOTTLE

The Catania family not only delivers exquisite wine under they also makes miniscule amounts of olive oil. The olive oils from the cooler, SE Sicilian region of Chiaramonte Gulfi are renowned and very sought-after by foodies around the world. Gulfi’s trees are centuries old and the variety of olive utilized here is called Tonda Iblea and this slightly larger, native olive delivers oils with very individual aromas and flavors.

Dense, fresh and lively with an almost sun-dried tomato-like scent along with brilliant grass and more prominent spice tones…quite complex and mouth-filling, this is an oil that is best served raw and with good bread and salt…Not bad for cooking either, but maybe a tad strong for finishing a delicate fish….if you finish something with this oil, do it with something that possesses more amplified flavors. A wonderful compliment to any Mediterranean seafood dish…and good bread Like the limited quantities of their superb wines, very little is produced so we are truly blessed to be able to offer it in Portland!