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Vietti, Cigliuti & Terzetto

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Based in Neive, Cigliuti is not only a very prolific, boutique Barbaresco producer, they also happen to be one this Italian region’s most in-demand at the moment. Claudia and Silvia Cigliuti’s wines across the board are exceptional and with direct representation providing excellent pricing, these are some of the grand buys of Piedmont. In addition, if you have not had the chance to try the sisters’ Barbaresco wines, you owe it to yourself to do so, especially if you love the wines of this region.

Sensuality is the best word to describe any Cigliuti wine and Bryan so succinctly described the palate-staining, detailed and refined 2018 as "liquid wanderlust!” From 25-55 year old vines in calcareous soil and aged mostly in large Slavonian casks, this wine oozed and drips heroic Barbera symptoms (Not as gross as you would think. Besides, they have penicillin for it). Persuasive, welcoming aromas of rose, red plum, ample earthy spice and a kiss of cinnamon. Power with silk and building snappy acidity, which aids in maintaining the wine’s ultimate poise and lift. All follows through into a full, saturated finish that has serious spine, focus and natural brightness and harmony. Enjoy with mushroom risotto with sausages, pizza made with mozzarella, Grana Padano and finished with white truffle oil or slow roasted beast.

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The Barbera wines from Asti are interesting dualities. On one hand the top-end Barbera wines here are the most formidable in Piedmont yet they are counteracted with a plethora of superb value wines for everyday use.

Not all Barbera wines have to be loaded with oak and extraction to be tasty. A few weeks back we came across this sweetheart Asti version that is honest and lacks any pretense - nothing but good drinkin'!! Vivacious scents of red cherry, blueberry and flowers setting the stage with some spiced earth and mineral. Authentic, pure and fresh with a round mouthfeel, a very clean, friendly personality, and a super deal that is versatile with many dishes on any day for any occasion.

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There are Barbera wines for everyday consumption and then there are Barbera wines for special occasions. Scarrone is magical and Barolista mega-maestro Luca Currado Vietti is undoubtedly one of the top two or three Barbera specialists in Italy. If you believe Barbera doesn't age, put a few bottles of this one away and just find out.

No need to go into the over-told story about Luca and Vietti, just about all of our friends know Luca Currado's prowess with both his single vineyard Barbera and Barolo wines - profundity best describes them year in and year out. From a single vineyard within the village of Castiglione Falletto, Vietti's Scarrone Barbera is one of Piedmont's real prizes. From prime Barolo land, this particular Barbera is always rich and always seductive and discreet, the 2017 follows true to the terroir's form. Exquisitely detailed and stylish with alluring, cool aromas of red plums, nutmeg, mineral, vanilla and pepper. Mouthfilling juice whose polished and refined flavors cut through the deep layers of intense fruit then saddle up to carry on to a finish that is handsome and mysterious. Really fantastic as usual, enjoy the latest Scarrone through 2029.