3/1/19 Cellar Door Friday Sips - Italian wines from Le Marches region

Le Marches Madness Friday Sips
Special Guest - Leopardo Felici from Cantina Andrea Felici
Today March 1 from 1:30 - 3:30
(Leo will arrive at 3:30 but I'll have the wines open at 1:30)
Drop by today to sample two delicious Verdicchio offerings from Lepardo Felici’s family estate along the Adriatic. It is safe to say that we are over the moon thrilled to have the winemaker himself here to discuss and chat about his on-the-rise white wines.

We will also pour two Conero reds from Piantate Lunghe, another small but superb Le Marches producer.

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When it comes right down to it, we absolutely adore Verdicchio. Therefore, when our friend Todd ‘Pancetta’ Bacon started expounding on his new arrival we knew the possibilities could be promising. That is until we tasted it. Holy merda this is phenomenal Italian white wine!

Located up in the far hills of the Jesi area of Le Marches and not far from Matelica, my impression is that this is somewhere between Bisci and Bucci in style. Not a bad place to be considering the pedigree. Brilliant scents of lemon, almond, prolific mineral and salty, marine like aspects. Forward, vivacious and very toothsome, this unoaked wonder turns it up and goes to eleven indeed! Do you think we are excited about this?!?! Order some, grab a bunch of prawns and other seafood and find out!

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$29.99 BTL./$179.94 - SIX PACK

There is classic Verdicchio and then there is heroic Verdicchio. The Il Canto Riserva would definitely qualify as the latter. A Reserve wine in all of the true forms, this wine is from a single vineyard, 50+ year old vines and is aged only in concrete. The Felici family eschews the use of oak and this maintains impeccable detail for such a complex and special wine.

An upper echelon Italian white wine that balances old-vine vinous aspects with elegance, fresh and light as a feather mineral tones followed by alluring development and extension on the finish. Packed with scents and flavors of mandarin, saline, mineral, lemon and chamomile it is most complex and one of the best of Le Marches hands-down. No problem to age 7-8 years but is fantastic with rich seafood dishes like crab legs, scallops or lobster.

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Piantate Lunghe’s classic Conero Cuvee is pure Montepulciano and reveals plenty of blackberry, smoked meat, rosemary and layered plum tones. Deep and mouth filling with sensual fruit to make it very attractive, but still maintains just enough of the savage personality that is Montepulciano, especially in the bursting, spicy finish that is super-long, especially for an 14 dollar wine! One of our favorite new arrivals, you owe it to yourself to order some...or come and taste this afternoon!

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$27.99 BTL./$167.94 - SIX PACK

100% Montepulciano and a real expression of both Riserva and a top site of the Le Marches region, mushroom, ginger and cardamom-spice mingle with rich berry fruit, roasted earth and minerality. Piantate Lunghe’s Montepulciano vineyards are 2500 meters to the sea and 350 meters above the sea and these particular specifications are what keep the wine fresh and maintains the precise flavors of the grape.

Meaty, hearty and formidable flavors come in waves and persist well after the wine is swallowed. Enjoy this ruggedly handsome red now and over the next 5-7 years with slow-cooked meats, aged cheeses and substantial pasta dishes. At 27 bucks this teeters at the top-end for Le Marches but to put it into perspective, if you were to go west across the Apennines into Tuscany or Umbria, you could expect to pay at least twice this price for this level of quality.