Four Flavors for Under 15
Today January 4 from 1:30 - 6:30
We’re kicking off 2019 with value. Drop by to taste four excellent choices including the Chateau Haut-Rian Blanc which has done its annual transformation from fruit to mineral.

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$13.99 BTL./$83.94 - SIX PACK

Ten years goes by very quickly. Yes, it was 2008 when first introduced and enamored with Olim Bauda’s lineup of wines. Even though they make terrific Gavi, Moscato and Nebbiolo, they really rock it with their Barbera wines.

Made for earlier consumption, the La Villa is an overachieving every evening tipple. Being from the Barbera-friendly, warm 2017 vintage, it offers a big round and palate coating with concentrated flavors of blackberry, cherry, violet and licorice. Robust, chewy and way above average for a Barbera at this price, everything integrates nicely on the long, persistent, yet clean and fresh finish, making it the perfect wine for fare such as braised or slow roasted meats, or try this badass Barbera with a three-cheese pizza of Mozzerella, Pecorino and Parmesan Reggiano.

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$9.99 BTL./$119.88 CASE

It is always worth reiterating what is obvious, HAUT-RIAN NEVER GOES OUT OF SEASON AND HAUT-RIAN NEVER GOES OUT OF FASHION!

When the Rain arrives, it is always a good time to uncork several bottles of the Rian - especially with freshly shucked oysters or mussels. 6 months on, our favorite white takes on new and exciting traits. At this moment, the 2017 has evolved from having up front fruit to revealing prominent mineral, peat, smoke and seashore scents that beautifully mingle with the famous lemon-lime tones that this white wine is so known for. Brisk, flavorful and a fresh jaunt to the palate, this 10-buck wonder goes oh so well with the bounty of shellfish available to us, especially nice, briny oysters.

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$13.99 BTL./$167.88 CASE

Lots of excitement is occurring in California and it doesn’t have anything to do with the overblown and overpriced wines that have famous names and large marketing departments. What we are seeing right now is a plethora of wines that possess lots of soul and are devoid of the sugarcoating. Three Wine Company is the venture of famed Sonoma wine vet Matt Cline. If the name sounds familiar, it is because Matt was the winemaker at Cline Cellars and has taken his talents over to Contra Costa where he is making exquisite wines.

The Red Label Zinfandel is from younger vines in the northeast corner of Contra Costa. This eruption of wine fortitude presents luscious aromas of freshly picked berries with a touch of black pepper. Classic Zin, it is palate-filling with aspects of ripe, juicy raspberries and blackberries. Exotic spices arrive on the toothsome. long finish add to the overall complexity of the wine. This is a terrific match with hearty Italian fare, mouth-watering steaks, or chocolate decadences.

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$11.99 BTL./$143.88 CASE

The cycle of wine education followed by teaching the message is never ending at The Cellar Door. We are always proud to share delicious offerings through descriptions and tasting. The wines of Portugal are emerging beasts on the wine scene and have been for quite a while now. Come along with us on a fantastic voyage and experience the wonders that are coming from regions other than the Douro and Port itself.

The ancient Dao region has gone from old and passed by to one of excitement and youth. This producer epitomizes this statement brilliantly with this classic blend of 80% Jaen (Mencia), 10% Tinto Roriz (Tempranillo), 5% Alfochiero Preto and a 5% co-fermented field blend of other varietals. Lively, inviting tones of marionberry, pepper and soft roasted herbs. They all seem to build as the wine opens in the glass and entice you to take a sip, which is pristine, medium-bodied and forward. It also shows wonderful intensity but is also clean succulent and calls you to pour more from the bottle. An excellent choice with everyday fare as well as being a nice red wine for fish.