Owen Roe DuBrul Special, 96 point Rioja, Trimbach, 10 Buck Bordeaux, Collectible Beaune & more

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Owen Roe and DuBrul are synonymous and more known for reds but I was happily impressed with this nicely made New World Chardonnay that while full bodied, never goes over the top. Very much worth its regular price, it is a steal for $25! Perhaps this is an intro special, either way, it is something very cool from one of Washington’s most touted and famous vineyard sites.

Unctuous and full of deep fruit, this Chardonnay has the butter tones yet is also nicely enhanced with spicy vanilla aspects, pineapple and lemon drop fruit. Since it is only aged in 35% new and only 40% is through malolactic so there is ample, natural freshness that cuts into the wine’s deep flavors and persistence. Serious business Chard to be enjoyed over the next 7-8 years.

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$19.99 BTL./$239.88 CASE

Montepulciano and Abruzzo are both ancient and have been making wines since the Neolithic period. The DOC of Montepulciano D’Abruzzo was created in 1968 and most was done by local cooperatives and made into quaffing trattoria wines. These days, things are changing as more and more investment is arriving, sub-divisions are being created, terroirs explored and we are seeing the diversity and character that this grape can provide. Youthful producers whose families once sold to the co-ops are taking charge with new estates. Tiberio is one such producer who has only estate bottling and labeling their wines since 2000.

Located only 23 miles from the sea near the city of Pescara, this Montepulciano delivers so much Italian red brilliance for not a lot of money. From 52-year-old vines at 350 meters, one can smell and taste the marine influence beneath the swath of red plum, Morello cherry, licorice, blood orange and saline aspects. Full bodied, deep, cherry red that has nice Abruzzo tangy flavors. Old vine penetration throughout which follows into a superb, extending finish. This wine seemingly is made for sauces with tomatoes and lamb dishes. Bolognese, lamb pasta, arrabiata, amatriciana – mangè, mangè! Drink through 2023.

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$17.99 BTL./$215.88 CASE

Here at The Cellar Door all three of us have a nice affinity when it comes to Pinot Blanc. The sheer deliciousness of this grape is quite exciting and we love how much that it differentiates its various terroirs from wherever in the world that it is grown, becoming individual, meaning Alto Adige’s versions are different from Oregon which are different from Alsace which are different from Austria.

Trimbach is a legend in Alsace and after recently having a bottle of the 2016; it made me remember why I still like the good that Alsace brings to the wine world even if it is slightly out of fashion. Trends change but Trimbach still maintains their path of dry, terroir-driven wines. This wine is a throwback. Not in the sense of classic or relic, it is literally one to throw back. It all starts with pretty aromatics of melon, pear, and a hint of lychee, continuing in the mouth, with citrus fruit, along with mineral, earth, a hint of spice, and a long, dry, crisp finish. An excellent value, all of those who enjoy Pinot Blanc or haven’t had a Trimbach or Alsace version in a while, will fall in love with this white wine. This wine is dry but has generosity that will hold up to curried and Asian inspired dishes as well as being masterful with holiday turkey. Also- 91-points from Vinous.

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Quite the hit with our friends last year, the new 2015 has landed. The Cotes-de-Blaye region sits in the northern portion of Bordeaux’s Right Bank and is one of four regions that have merged into calling their wines Cotes-de-Bordeaux. Many interesting values come from this area and this wine is one such offering.

The name of the Chateau itself is appropriate due to its mere 12 hectares spread over three villages. A real joy to drink and classically formed, the new 2015 is a rather formidable step up from the delicious 2014. Poised and personable, and with a tell-tale right bank Bordeaux nose of ironstone, raspberry, espresso and sandalwood, this delicious red delivers so much for so little. Elegant, sophisticated beyond its price tag and chock full of grace, terroir and a dry, austere, spiced-earth finish. An amazing value that can be consumed any day of the week. Drink it with a plethora of cuisine ranging from smoked meats, grilled beef, Vietnamese dishes, roasted chicken, veggies and more.

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It is said that great wine begins in the vineyard. John Grochau procures grapes from different vineyards, tapping into a variety of soils and microclimates. This diversity offers complimentary puzzle pieces when blending wines; it also makes for consistent quality from year to year. John also employs a hands-off approach to wine making; with accentual use of oak and limited extraction, he creates a style of Pinot Noir that is varietally pure, and incredibly delicious. In fact, all of his wines are elegant and food-friendly, letting the fruit and vintage speaks for itself.

One of the producers who releases his wines late, this one shows lots of floral tones and ethereal raspberry, with a touch of dusty red earth. It is lacy, refined, elegant, drawn out and very real Pinot, not a smoker-friendly version that mimics Amarone (we know who makes wines like this). No need to hesitate, this one is great! Hmmm, sounds like a cheer, doesn't it...?

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$17.99 BTL./$215.88 CASE

France's mountainous Jura region is well known for many epicurean delights including some of the nation's most intriguing wines. One category that falls into the sheer exuberance profile are the area's sparkling wines because unlike the majority of the white wines, these are not made in an oxidized style. One such terrific offering and top-notch wine is this bubbly from Hubert Clavelin.

100% Chardonnay and made in the traditional Champagne method the aromas and flavors of this version of the jumping grape play in a league way above this mere $18 price point. Apple puffed-pastry, butter-tones, orange and mineral aromas glimmer from the glass and follow into a texture that dances with finesse and electricity. It also boasts excellent depth and mouth-watering fruit then finishes with boundless character that allows it to be something wonderful to share with a bunch of friends, perhaps at the table with fish or with the cheese course, which should include Comte. If you are unable to find Comte cheese then a good cave-aged Gruyere will do just fine.

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Fancy a go in the Outback, do you? In order to win this challenge, you will have to go out and find some bottles of what we call Critter Wines. Line up your weapon of choice (pellet gun, peashooter, carnival toss-balls work very well) go to your neighborhood grocery store and shoot down any bottles of Little Penguins, Yellow Tails, Four Emus, Black Swans, or Kangaroo Ridges. He or she who can take the most out and switch over to drinking this fantastic red wine from close to Never-Never wins.

We were delighted and had an evil glint in our eyes when we tasted this Critter-Wine Exterminator, because it uses whatever means necessary to obliterate those sorts of Aussie wines with its quality. Remember, once you see one Critter Wine, there are probably two or three more that are sure to follow, and if something isn’t done, you will quickly have a whole colony of critter wines…kinda like a gaggle of hippies in front of the weed shop by Reed College. Simply put, this big, unapologetically Australian everyday red that is a blend of fruit from McLaren Vale and Riverlands and made by the renowned Simon Hackett is an explosion of fruit and spice. Lively blackberry jam, briar, roasted earth, cinnamon and cocoa lead into a mouth-filling, ripe, peppery texture that is fun to serve to a large group of both wine and non-wine lovers. Also perfect red for a meat-filled gathering of friends.

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Not only does our friend Laurent Pillot make awesome white wines, he also kills it with his red wines as well. In fact, we know how good the whites are but now we are even more excited when the red wines arrive. Through marriage, Laurent Pillot scored red wine vineyards from several grand villages within the Cotes-de-Beaune. Boucherottes is a Premier Cru vineyard in southern portion of the Beaune appellation and a stone’s throw from, Pommard. This beautiful parcel planted between 1966 and 1996 presents a terroir that is warm and plush, on a slightly stony, brown limestone soil adjacent to the Pommard 'Boucherottes' Premier Cru. Laurent has a mere 1.13 acres of this Cru and usually about 200 cases are ever produced.

A stunning nose right out of the chute. Roses, pepper, mineral, touches of vanilla and nutmeg waft from the glass with very attractive attributes that are pretty much non-stop. This will develop even more perfume as it ages. Immense expansion clamps down and shows its infancy. Outstanding herbs and Asian spices. Savory, succulent and very long. This may well the best Pillot Beaune wine that I have tasted. Wow! Drink this collectible Premier Cru 2021 – 2030. A real value given the world of Burgundy and Pinot Noir, email if you would like some, only 26 bottles are available.

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La Rioja Alta is a devout, ultra-traditional producer and much has been bantered about over this wine, and deservedly so; combined with a great vintage with an outstanding producer and you have excitement on the level of a new Bruce Springsteen release. Oh yeah, this also has a fat 96 point score and was a #1 Top 100 wine as well.

‘The 2005 Gran Reserva 904 is a superb blend of Tempranillo from the villages of Briñas, Labastida and Villalba with 10% Graciano from Briones and Rodezno. The grapes were destemmed and crushed and fermented in stainless steel for 18 days at 25 C. Malolactic fermentation was spontaneous and lasted 38 days. These wines are marked by a long aging in used American oak barrels following the most strict Riojan tradition; four years during which time the wine was manually racked eight times. This is usually my favorite wine from La Rioja Alta and 2005 is one of its best showings, going back to the quality of the vintages of the 1950s and 60s. The nose is very balsamic with notes of camphor, hints of mint, leather and hung game wrapped around a core of cherries in liqueur. Together it is balanced, subtle, truly elegant and classical. The palate is only medium-bodied but with great concentration of flavors that are very tasty, mineral, almost salty and framed by ultra-fine tannins and smashing balance. A great classic. This wine will be released in October 2015, a full ten years after the vintage. At this quality level this is a bargain.’ – 96 POINTS – THE WINE ADVOCATE. IN ADDITION, RATED 96 FROM WINE ENTHUSIAST AND THEIR #1 WINE OF 2016....Drink through 2035.

Kelley Fox Wines

Special Guest, Kelley Fox

This Friday November 9 from 3:30 - 6:30

Another guest who happens to be one of our dear friends. A rare tasting of a lineup of Kelley Fox wines with Kelley in the house to answer questions and discuss her wonderul Oregon wines. Kelley doesn’t come out to do these sorts of events too often so we are absolutely honored that she will be here this week at 3:30 on Friday. (I’ll have the wines open at 1:30, Kelley arrives at 3:30)


2017 Kelley Fox Pinot Noir ‘Mirabai’
2017 Kelley Fox Pinot Noir ‘Ahurani’
2017 Kelley Fox Pinot Noir ‘Hyland Vineyard-Coury Clone’
2017 Kelley Fox Pinot Blanc 'Freedom Hill'