Mauro Molino wines with Special Guest Fernando Burani
Today April 3 from 4:00 - 6:30
Come by this afternoon (April 3) to taste a lineup of wines from La Morra based Barolo producer Mauro Molino with special guest Fernando Burani. A delicious lineup of wines will be presented and we promise, it will be worth your time to come to this complimentary, casual and informative tasting.

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La Morra is the home for refined and sophisticated Barolo. Don't be fooled, these wines pack plenty of punch and we have been proudly featuring them for almost two decades. Since 1978 Mauro Molino, father of Matteo and Martina who now are at the helm, has produced wines that can best be described as neo-classical wines that are produced using appropriate technology to maintain the flavors of the region.

Intensely aromatic, this Barolo from a five-star vintage is telltale La Morra with its perfumed rose petal and red licorice tones. At this time it is quite wrapped up into itself but a sultry beast is lurking beneath with blaring signs of greatness; dense clay, asphalt, dark Belgian chocolate and a deep core of red fruit. Wonderfully intense in the mouth with fine structure. This classic and elegant Barolo is marked by gorgeous mouthfilling flavors that carry over seamlessly from the nose. We're opening it today but for best results, give it until the end of 2019 and then have fun through 2028.

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Nebbiolo is Italy’s King of Grapes and it is at its pinnacle in the region of Piedmont. Barolo and Barbaresco are the treasures of the region but most of the makers produce a version of Nebbiolo meant for earlier consumption while waiting for the grand wines to come to fruition.

Drawn from younger Barolo vines in this area the 2016 shows off all traits of this classic, temperate vintage that to me is rather reminiscent of 2004. In the glass, one is introduced to the enticing red explosion of raspberries, plum and cherries, with elegant spicy notes of walnut, tobacco, and chocolate licorice. The elegant scents continue and persist, wrapping the palate with classic ripe tannins integrated to perfection. This baby Barolo is refined and enjoyable now but will endure nicely for the next 3-4 years.

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Not a hair is out of place on this toothsome Barbera and reflects its origins to a "T" with its enticing aromatics and stylish flavors. Aged entirely in tank, this true to its varietal Barbera is melodic and drinking exquisitely right now. Strawberry and Italian plum scents permeate from the nose and follow through to a texture that is handsomely high-toned, fleshy, harmonious and silky-smooth. Nothing not to like with this one! Have it with risotto, root vegetables or pork dishes.

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Vigna Conca is one of the most prolific and renowned vineyard sites not only in La Morra, but also within the entire realm of Barolo. Combine a great site with a classically-structured, long-lived vintage like 2013 and fireworks are certain to go off! When you stick your nose into a glass of the 2013 Conca, it will be a bit like going to church.

Just beginning to show some signs of integrated elevation with notes of licorice, floral, a touch of brown sugar-laden pie crust, tobacco, dried porcini, anisette and a hint of underbrush that offers the awesome complexity that is finely-made nebbiolo. Classic perfume of La Morra with a sneaky structured tone sets the pace in the mouth, but this beauty is all about texture that is awe inspiring yet transparently pure. Deceptively giving at the moment but then stomps down and reminds you that this is from one of the most structured and classic of all Piemontese vintages…viva 2013! For true Barolo enlightenment wait until 2023 and enjoy through 2030+.

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We wanted to show something with a bit of age to it and while it is young, 2009 is a warmer vintage that has had allure to it from the moment that it has arrived to the US.

A frighteningly brilliant and complete wine of perfumy, sublime, sophistication, with plenty of depth and backbone. Undertones of licorice, balsam, lots of underbrush and earth give even more complexity along with length. At age 8, this is really emerging into a beautifully formed bottle of Barolo and will continue on for several years as well. VERY LIMITED!