6/2/17 Sancerre, Pouilly-Fume & One Red - Cellar Door's Friday Sips

Sancerre, Pouilly Fume & One Red
Today June 2 from 3:30 - 6:00
[Note the different hours with Bryan traveling in France]
Come in to experience the differences between two famous and neighboring regions, Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume. We’ll be pouring three excellent whites plus a red for those who need their end of the week red wine dose.

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If you don't fancy a Pinot Gris or a Chardonnay for summer drinking, then it is imperative that you take a look at this one. The famous region of Sancerre is located in the Upper Loire Valley, and is noted for its presence in Paris' bistro and brasserie.

Bursting with citrus, blossom, flint, stones and a kiss of herbs this is penetrating and classic Sancerre that conjures up memories of your visit in Paris of the sidewalk café around Montparnasse where you might of sipped a glass or two. Located in the Sancerre village of Verdigny, Patient-Cottat’s Ancient Vines cuvee comes from old limestone vineyards and always carries an extra level of depth to it. Clean and vibrant with lots of nerve, but also a long and fleshy, ripe texture. Perfect wine with oysters, mussels or halibut. Fans of unoaked, pure white wines will absolutely adore this. Rest assured, Karen will be tossing back some out on her deck and you should too.

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Bryan has been pining to be able to offer this Sancerre broadly for many years and he's not in the country right now to share it. Don’t feel too badly for him because he is probably finishing up in Burgundy and on his way to Paris to enjoy some, too! Unlike the Patient-Cottat, this particular wine comes from 28 different plots in Chavignol and is a true work of art.

Vincent Delaporte is a visionary who is a serious terroirist and captures the essence of Sancerre in every vintage but in 2016, his Sancerre wines are truly something to behold. A satisfying vintage that hits on so many levels, this elegant beauty is somewhat subtle with notes of powdery lemon, melon, ripe quince, and stony aspects that are the results of flint/silex and limestone soils. The fleshiness coupled with freshness, that is indicative of the vintage, is screaming on the palate; with intense tropical citrus fruitsand a great depth of flavor. Culminating with a long, satisfying and lightning finish, this wine shouts out for pan-seared halibut cheeks, grilled Chinook salmon or young goat cheeses.

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Pouilly-Fume is lesser known than its more famous neighbor of Sancerre. Although similarities usually outweigh the differences, Sancerre tends to have more ripe fruit and vigorous acidity while Pouilly-Fumé often has more body weight and a smoky complexity. Both are considered as one of the world's greatest food wines. Jonathan Pabiot is one of the rock stars of this region and his wine is one of the purest expressions Sauvignon Blanc from the Upper Loire that you will taste.

Tense, refined, dry and laden with multi-faceted citrus fruit like lemons and orange. The bottom line really is the soil responsible for defining the fruit and stony, flinty character throughout the wine. If you want something that will pair with any health-conscious seafood table, then this is the wine for you!

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Cote-de-Brouilly is very, very different from Brouilly. Brouilly surrounds the Mont de Brouilly while the Cote-de-Brouilly is of higher elevation and much tinier in vineyard size. From an extinct volcano and hard soils, Cote-de-Brouilly are always more deeply concentrated than their Brouilly cousins and seem to possess more spice.

Consistently one of the most fragrant wines on the hill, 2015 brought EXTRAORDINARY quality. Dark garnet, with delicious, complex, suggestively perfumed aromas of black plum, blackberries with mineral and subtle notes of tarragon. Bright, layered peppery fruit and herbs make a wine that's refreshing but worthy of more attention than just casual sipping due to its mouthfilling texture that can best be described as a miracle in the mouth!