Friday Sips

Kelley Fox Wines
Special Guest - Kelley Fox
Today Nov. 9 from 1:30 - 6:30
(I'll have the wines open at 1:30, Kelley will arrive at 3:30)

A rare tasting of a lineup of Kelley Fox wines with Kelley in the house to answer questions and discuss her wonderul Oregon wines. Kelley doesn’t come out to do these sorts of events too often so we are absolutely honored that she will be here.
If you love the pinnacle of what Oregon has to offer then you need to be here becuase it isn't too often that we uncork these wines!

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$24.99 BTL./$299.88 CASE

Decidedly inspired by the old world, particularly Burgundy, Kelley’s influence from her time working alongside David Lett at Eyrie is very evident in her elegant, precise and very ageworthy Pinot Noirs that are consistently in Oregon's top echelon. Make no mistake, this is one of the finest producers in Oregon and her wines excel, especially as they age.

The 2017 Ahurani is fruit that is solely from the Momtazi vineyard. Kelley really has a knack for pulling in the reins of a vineyard that can often produce overpowering wines. Instead, she opts to make beaufitul wines that show their depth but also have a real suave sensibility to them. Graceful and pure with fine aromas of red flowers, strawberries, herbs and spice, dominate the cerebral, perfumy nose. Stylish, lacey and velvety with a strong underlying backbone, which will hold up to aging. The finish extends, seduces and never flows outside its borders. A true classic, this Oregon Pinot Noir will delight with mushroom-based dishes, fowl, or grilled salmon for the next decade.

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$26.99 BTL./$323.88 CASE

Freedom Hill is one of Oregon’s oldest and finest vineyard sites and Kelley has fashioned this wine is a decidedly old world style. When I tasted it, it invoked somewhat of a cross between Alsace and a superb Cotes-de-Nuits white Burgundy all while maintaining its Oregon spirit.

All of this makes sense as Kelley ages this wine in neutral oak barrels that bring about texture, depth and not oaky tones. Rich and dense on the nose with apple-butter, spice-coated mushrooms and an abundance of ripe citrus roar from the glass. In the mouth, its layered sweeping texture sends the point home that you are drinking something much more than the usual Pinot Blanc from Oregon. Very mineral - classy, intense and with searing lively brisk tones that present themselves on the smooth, persistent and engaging finish. When we are at the height of salmon season, why skimp on the wine, this is a stunning local match.

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$34.99 BTL./$419.88 CASE

‘2017 was certainly a year to celebrate with regard to my blocks at Maresh Vineyard after the extremely low yields in 2016. I was able to include barrels from all of my blocks at Maresh in this Mirabai: Block 1/Red Barn (planted in 1970), the Long Rows (1970) the Old Block (1970), Block 8 (1978), Block 10/Star of Bethlehem Flower Block and Block 7 (1991).

Characteristic of 2017, the nose is beautifully perfumed. While there is (in its youth) a sense of fragility and nerviness, there is power that is more tensile in nature than in obvious structure or bulk. The Mirabai 2017 is an utterly transparent, light red with youthful, fuschia highlights at the edges. It is far deeper in flavor than the colour might suggest. It has the classic Maresh sun-warmed Hood strawberry and spice, with the classic Red Hills of Dundee silkiness, but this wine is fleet-footed, aerial, mercurial, and evokes flight, wind, and swift movement. Over time, this will likely be one of my most complex and age-worthy Mirabai’s to date.’ – Kelley Fox

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‘I am very happy to introduce my first bottling of Hyland Vineyard Coury Clone Pinot 2017. The first time I tried Hyland Vineyard Pinot was with the late and beloved Jimi Brooks. It was in 2001, and we tasted it from one of his barrels. I still remember that wine. Below is the back-label prose that I wrote: Close to the Coast Range separating the Willamette Valley from the Pacific Ocean, the beautiful Hyland Vineyard, first planted in 1971, is one of Oregon’s oldest vineyards. This wine was produced from self-rooted Coury clone vines planted in 1988 in a block of red Jory volcanic soil at around 600 feet. The legendary Charles Coury introduced this mysterious clone of Pinot noir into Oregon, and the wine from these vines has a fine red character that is, in a subtle way, inimitable.

The vines I work with there have been farmed organically for years and biodynamically (uncertified) starting a few years ago. The Hyland Coury Clone 2017 is medium to darker red, and full of moving light and transparency. It has a pure nose of the reddest of red berries (the classic Oregon summer raspberries and strawberries-I hope you have tasted these before) with a certain coolness. It is complex with a velvety frame and nimble, age-worthy acidity typical of Hyland Vineyard, and a real boon in the string of warm vintages in the Willamette Valley (back to old school). It’s a beauty, it’s long, and it seems to embody some Platonic Idea of “Red”’. – Kelley Fox