Friday Sips

April On Condor Friday Sips
Forget April in Paris, we're celebrating Sping on Condor Avenue. Drop by today April 26 from 1:30 - 6:30 to taste two Italian red wines, White Burgundy and something extra special.

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$24.99 BTL. - LIMITED

Having been making Sancerre wines for over 40 years, Domaine Neveu doesn't need some PR idiot promoting some conjured up, embellished romantic 'story' about his legendary Sancerre wines. If you want cajolery from top-notch terroir and winemaking craft, just open a bottle of any their wines and the aromas and flavors will do all the articulating for you.

Alluring, intense aromas of raspberries and strawberries combine with brilliant gunflint, lemon-lime and crustaceans that march directly into a lively attack with nice body and nervosity that is akin to sticking one's finger into a socket, all reinforcing the wine's prowess. Owning a scintillating long aftertaste, if you have never experienced Sancerre Rosé it is high time that you did. Like great Bandol Rosé, Sancerre Rosé wines are extremely high in quality, but are completely different animals all together yet deserve the same attention...This is truly one of the finest dry pink wines that we feature every year and this will be the only time I open any this year.

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$19.99 BTL./$119.94 - SIX PACK

One of the things about a visit to Piedmont is that one can preview wines that will arrive one, two and three years down the road. Last year while there, I had many revelations, one of which is just how profound the 2016 vintage has turned out. One piece of affirmation remains is just how epic a producer Cigliuti is, and all of their wines including this off the charts Barbera. If you have tasted past versions and loved them, wait until you have a go at this one. Best yet is that the price has remained the same.

Serraboella is a noted Cru in Barbaresco; however, the Cigliuti family also produces an excellent Barbera from this site. From 15-55 year old vines in calcareous soil, Claudia and Silvia Cigliuti’s 2016 is lyrical. Teeming with pure red berry fruit including fresh griotte cherry, raspberry, mixed with nice spice all following to a luxurious texture that has energy and classicism of the vintage along with a long lasting, pleasantly lingering finish. This downright delicious juice can be enjoyed over the next 5-7 years with a wide range of foods from roasted pork to barbecued chicken to risotto jacked with porcini mushrooms.

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‘7° CEPPO’
$14.99 BTL./$89.94 - SIX PACK

Cosimo Taurono is the name that put the wines of Puglia on the map. For such a long time, this estate produced magical wines that epitomized Southern Italy. A downturn in quality occurred in the 90s and up until recently, this great estate was whizzing against the wind sometimes making wines that were quite nice and sometimes making wines that were one-step away from battery acid. Enter a new generation and currently, these wines are back on form and are reminiscent of the great values that we once knew while coming up in the biz and drinking copious amounts of them.

Primitivo is of the same bloodlines as Zinfandel yet the only thing that have in common would be their heartiness. This particular offering comes from the hotbed of Primitivo, Puglia’s Manduria region. Ripe black cherry, pekoe, coffee tones from earth and plenty of "Primitivo pomegranate." In the mouth, this purple-tinged wine is meant to please a bunch of palates. Luscious, generous and fruit-forward with building peppery tones on the round, sumptuous finish with the telltale pomegranate high-notes that hold everything together. This too will work with tomatoes, but is even finer with grilled leg of lamb.

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$23.99 BTL./$287.88 CASE

Vincent Morey comes from great Chassagne-Montrachet bloodlines; his father is the great Bernard Morey. When Bernard retired, the Domaine was split between the two brothers, Vincent and Thomas, both of which make stellar wines from their holdings. Vincent married his winemaker wife Sophie and thus a grand adventure began in 2006. Over the years, we have been unbridled with our passion for these wines and once again, we are thrilled to offer one of the finest white Burgundy values to you.

The 2017 Vincent & Sophie Morey Bourgogne Chardonnay comes from four plots, one in Puligny-Montrachet, one in Chassagne-Montrachet and two in Santenay. 50% aged in barrel (20% new) and the other 50% aged in stainless steel, this wine is sheer magnetism. Once poured in the glass, it is like a great song that builds and builds and builds. Starts with some restraint and builds into more dramatic and symphonic qualities. Buttered popcorn is followed by orange-blossom, lemon, tinges of rosemary and gunflint. Engaging spice tones arrive. Power, depth, class and superb balance and lift. The finish parachutes and brings it back to earth with its lively, linear citrus/spice tones that have wonderful depth and pleasantly stick around for a long time well after the wine is swallowed.