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Today, December 7 from 3:30-6:30 PM

Fabu-licious under $20 Red & White Burgundy selected from Bryan’s visit to France earlier this past March

$16.99 BTL./$203.88 CASE

One of the cool new things that I found on my trip to France back in March, Domaine Chapuis is a small, 26 acre producer located at the Northern end of Macon in an area known as Macon-Mancey. Having moved to sustainable farming in 1997, these wines were beautiful surprises and almost revealing more in common with Rully or Montagny north of Macon in the Cotes-Chalonnais. Aged in 1-3 year old oak barrels, this wine maintains its purity and detail exquisitely. Cracked-rock-mineral tones with stylish Anjou pear and apple. Lime, anise and blossom tones unfold and reveal more subtlety and range than white Burgundy at this price should. Well-crafted and one can see that impeccable farming is what brought such a magnificent result. Lots of movement and energy paired with good richness and multi-faceted spice and mineral which seemingly glisten on the drawn-out finish. Bryan exclusively brought these wines in and only 25 cases are available. Given how folks loved wines like Bocard and Morey Bourgogne Blanc, and given this quality/price rapport, it will sell out.

$16.99 BTL./$203.88 CASE

Something virtually never heard is delicious French (or Oregon for that matter) Pinot Noir and under 20 bucks in the same sentence. Every now and again in both areas it does occur and finding this offering was equally as fantastic as experiencing their white wine. Impressive, exciting aromas with fine dimension and sense of origin. Suave berry combines nicely with mineral and peat-smoke along with underlying herbs and reglise. Like the Bourgogne Chardonnay, this is also from a single parcel at the top of the Mancey hill known as “Les Cras”, this is well-crafted, relaxed and high-toned stuff. Classic French Pinot Noir with its true seductive underbelly, although this does have ample structure lurking beneath the surface which will allow it to develop for another 2-4 years. Refined, poised and simply put, one hell of a red Burgundy for under 20 bucks. Same as the white, Bryan selected this exclusively for The Cellar Door and only 7 cases are available

$31.99 BTL./$383.88 CASE

On my trip to France back in March one of the fine producers in Bordeaux that I was able to visit was Chateau Charmail. Regarded as one of the leading Haut Medoc estates, it was easy to realize that these would be $72, not $32 if they were 2 kilometers south in St-Estephe. A smaller Chateau of 70 acres the vineyards planted to Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petite Verdot are contiguous around the Chateau. What makes these wines so good is the virtual mosaic of terroirs (gravel, clay, sand and limestone) that bring ultimate dimension and depth. A profound overachiever that competes with many classified growths! One of the highlights and best experiences was to be able to taste a 10 year old version of this wine and even more exciting was to actually be able to offer some! Another sleeper vintage, the 2002 is right in its wheelhouse of drinkability. Lovely antique Bordeaux scents of dried black raspberry, perfumed floral tones, incense, a presence of smoky spice, espresso and underlying forest floor aspects provide complexity and just keeps enticing as it unfurls in the glass. Well-concentrated, deep and now becoming smooth as all hell; debonair but the house style of masculinity never departs. Undeniable St-Estephe-like aspects really glide and linger on the top-drawer finish. No problem to enjoy through 2017 and most likely beyond….a real treat to be able to offer mature Bordeaux at such a fair price!!