Friday Sips

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Drop by today Friday, May 3, 3:30 - 6:30 to get your pink on!

French Rose Hegemony
Tavel, Languedoc & The Loire represented.
We'll also uncork a red or two for les nostalgiques who don't feel cool enough when it comes to drinking the pink :-)

$17.99 BTL./$215.88 CASE

The wine industry is a copy-cat industry and nothing irritates us more than what is happening within Tavel lately. Seemingly, the traditional style of exuberant, mouth-watering rose has been replaced by darkly-colored, so-called roses that have had a good percentage of red wine blended back in. This makes for big, monolithic, often-times hot wines that can score well, but don't exactly go well with food or call you back for a second and third glass. Being the antagonists that we are, we invite you to read further and take a look at a perennial favorite Tavel that runs contrary to trends.

Trinquevedel’s Tavel Rose is sort of like listening to The Stooges, a funhouse of thrills and chills will result when you slam a bunch of it back! Tavel is known for Rose and it always has loads of depth and color, but Trinquevedel’s version always maintains its underbelly of illuminating briskness. 54% Grenache, 17% Cinsault, 13% Clairette, 13% Syrah, 3% Mourvedre & 2% Bourboulenc with red cherry, wind-swept herbs, citrus and plenty of floral aromas shout out for you to take a big swig. Completely dry, generous and mouth-filling, but so invigorating, zesty and bursting from front to back. Brilliant ripeness, but brilliantly balanced, this Rosé is another winner from a terrific Provençal Estate. If you love rose, you want some of this because it is hella great and just remember, you always look better than you already do when sipping a glass of rosé!

$16.99 BTL./$203.88 CASE

Compelling, exhilarating, elusive and oh so delicious is this Dry Rose from one of the rarest appellations in the entire Loire Valley. The region of Touraine Noble Joue boasts all of six producers and Rose is the only wine that is permitted for the appellation.

Dogs and cats, co-existing together, this pink wine is made with both red and gray grapes and only those from the Pinot family. Primarily Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir with a dollop of Pinot Gris, the aromas are discreet, very French and reveal more and more as the wine unfolds in the glass. Herbs, lanolin and prominent wild strawberry character, the nerve and lightning of the Pinot Noir and Meunier carjack the palate with the Gris providing finesse and fruit. Beautiful breed from start to finish, there is extraordinary burst and chalky tones that make this dry pink wine so distinctive. One of the coolest Rose wines so far this year, it is perfect with a plate of clams and also matches nicely with grilled veggies, especially onions.

$16.99 BTL./$203.88 CASE

In a recent study conducted by The Cellar Door School of Medicine, dry Rose was discovered to be the cure for a variety of ailments. From the common cold to lockjaw, this Southern French wine solves it all.

**Full disclosure, when it comes to real medicine, we are unaccredited and quacks, but when it comes to wine, well, that’s another story and degree.**

Between the color, aromas and texture, this textbook blend of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault & Mourvedre is quite magnetizing. Smoke, lime, touches of freshly cut roses with provencal herbs and strawberry arriving on the scene to add layers of complexity. Combining a flavorful palate-presence with excellent chime, this mouth-watering marvel can be consumed in copious qualities or with grilled chicken or tuna spiked with herbs and anise and also not a bad combo with shellfish done in a Thai-inspired preparation.

$23.99 BTL./$287.88 CASE

We say no to drugs, except for this particular addictive one known to wine lovers as Andre “Dr. Dre” Neveu Sancerre Rose. Year in and year out it seems as though we can never score enough of this rose and the 2012 version is no exception, only 50 cases are arriving to Oregon and they’ll be scooped up quickly. Rare is the occasion that we uncork this wine but for today only (5-3-13), we’ll have it open at least until the needle on the sample bottles hits “E”.

Beguiling, very serious Rose from one of the true masters of Sancerre, if you were to put a blindfold on and taste the wine, it wouldn't matter that the wine was pink, you would still believe you were drinking fabulous Sancerre Blanc; it's truly all about terroir, rocks and acid!! Neveu's luxurious Sancerre Rose is treated with the same meticulous care as the estate's white Sancerre wines. Alluring, intense aromas of raspberries and strawberries combine with brilliant gunflint, lemon-lime, herbs and crustaceans which march directly into a lively attack with nice body and nervosity that is akin to sticking one's finger into a socket, all which reinforces the wine's prowess. Owning a scintillating long aftertaste, if you have never experienced Sancerre Rose, it is high time that you did. Like great Bandol Rose, Sancerre Rose wines are extremely high in quality, but are completely different animals all together yet deserve the same attention. Drink it over the next 2 years with grilled salmon, Thanksgiving turkey, fresh crab, and much more!

Friday May 10

Come in and meet and chat with both local Cookbook writer Ivy Manning & taste Oregon Wines from Matello poured by owner/winemaker Marcus Goodfellow

Ivy will be on hand chatting and signing her new release, "Crackers & Dips".

Marcus will be pouring several of his new Matello releases including his outstanding Pinot Noirs. A fun, festive afternoon/early evening will be had by all!!