Friday Sips

Across The Pond
Today June 18 from 1:30 - 6:30
We’re off to Europe tomorrow. Drop by to taste Tavel Rose as well from some 'Dealer's Choice' wines from some of the areas that we will be visiting including Burgundy & Piedmont.

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$15.99 BTL./$191.88 CASE

Tavel, known for Rose, has been growing and producing pink wines since 600 BC. Tavel is also very misunderstood as a Rose region. More often, people are expecting these wines to be simple patio pleasers; however, they are the opposite and the denizens and proud producers who consume and make these wines all refer to them as vin pour le repas. In addition, one person mentioned that Tavel is not red, white or Rose - it is Tavel! Limestone soils drive these wines and while they have big color and body, they always maintain energetic presence and an underbelly of illuminating briskness.

Florian Andre of Chateau Manissy is well-established and has once again killed it with this wine and the usual lustful eyes fell over L’Equipe Cellar Door for the fourth in a row after sampling it last week. Red cherry, wind-swept herbs, citrus and plenty of violet aromas shout out for you to take a big swig. Completely dry, generous and mouth-filling, but so invigorating, zesty and bursting from front to back. Brilliant ripeness, but brilliantly balanced. Another winner from a yet to be discovered Domaine. Brilliant ripeness, but brilliantly balanced, this Rose is a winner that will stand up to grilled white meats, denser fish, tomato-based pasta dishes as well as spicy Asian cuisine.